The Keeper of Time brings life and free will…the mighty the meek…the future the past…progress regress.

Can you feel the divide?  Can you imagine the End of Days?

I pray the words shared throughout these pages embrace the depths of your soul as they have mine. I pray these words help you to understand where we come from, where we are going and how we reach our intended destiny. I pray these words give you peace and understanding why we are witnessing the increase in weather events and what awaits for all those that abide with our beloved home planet.  Most of all, I pray that whatever beliefs you have, however much you may or may not agree, I pray you honor our Covenant with our Creator to remain within our time-frame and with this beloved Land we come from.

We have coexisted with all of Nature since the beginning of Time, we are interconnected with all of Nature and must function together synchronously. We can do nothing to hold back Nature, and so we must accept the weather changes which signal the Time of Purification and the continuation of evolution of man and all Nature on the one Universal Road of Life. Each one of us has wondered “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?” The answer is that we are merely waiting, and though it has seemed an interminable time, and it has been difficult; it has been very worthwhile. Now we must harvest all our faith in Nature and in God and greet the approaching final stage of evolution with courage and rejoicing. Only one chance is given, we can only evolve in unison with everything in Nature. If we miss this chance to complete our Pattern of Evolution, all else in Nature will go forward and we will be left behind.

Our solar system, as with all solar systems, has a very natural pattern of bringing God’s creations to higher life.  This process of God’s natural law is a forward progressive motion that occurs from Age to Age.  We have always been with this Land, in all our lifetimes, for we were created from this Land and within the cycle of life and death we return to our home planet as She makes Her journey closer to the Sun.  Mankind will be faced with a temptation and people’s lack of understanding or fear of death may lead them astray. Temptation will be presented in the form of time travel and prolonging one’s life in this present form in attempts to escape the natural Event approaching upon our Earth.  As always, some will choose wisely and some will not.

The fear of death may tempt you to break your Covenant with God.  Do not fear death.  It is natural to be born and it is natural to die.  Through death we evolve forward to higher life.  To stop the natural process of the cycle of life and death is to stop your forward progression to completed form.  The time will come when the temptation of time travel will be presented to the world and shown as a wonderful discovery.  It will lead to your doom.  We are not meant to live forever in these present bodies.  These bodies are wonderful indeed, a creation of God, but they are not the final completion of God’s plan for us.  We have one more step to go.  The time is approaching.  The signs are abundant.  Take heed and take comfort.  Remain with the Land and within the Laws God has given us.  Choose Nature.  Choose the Path of Light which leads us to the Morning Star.  Choose GOD.

Mankind is on the verge of being presented with a choice that will affect each of us at the utmost level of our soul.

The End of Days

God established this system of days, weeks and years as an ordinance for our protection.

When a “new” method of reading Time is announced to the world, know the end of this Era is near.

The Divine Artist

“God is the Divine Artist, evolution is the Divine Art, we are His clay, death is His kiln.”

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…Proverbs

The Mystery Egg

“Without a shadow of a doubt the truth about the coming Day of Purification when the Core is ejected from the Antarctic Weddell Sea cannot serve any wrong purpose. To withhold it is a brevatio manus Domini.”

Choose Wisely

“Religion exerts a powerful influence over the actions of people.  Men write about it, argue about it, endure solitude, fasting and celibacy for the sake of it. They even kill for religion and die for it. But very few really try to understand it.”