The attempts to share sacred knowledge of the Holy Event that is unfolding under our feet is so people understand the naturalness of the Event, because the climatic changes will increase both in quantity and intensity, and a very tragic day will come when the ‘elite’ that control this world, using science as a medium to get their message across, will use the Earth’s pregnancy to strike terror in peoples hearts.

The Event involves the Birth of the Aeon (inner-Core) through the Earth’s Yoni in the Antarctic, it will be preceded by strong birth-pangs, and certainly there will be great upheaval, but without the upheaval there would be no Purification, no Renewal, no *progressive* evolution.

Everyone should know that we are on the verge of being presented with a choice that affects you at the utmost level of your soul, and everyone should be in possession of all the facts before making such a decision.  Cest nest pas un pipe? Without a shadow of a doubt the truth about the coming Day of Purification when the Core (an unborn Moon) is born/ejected from the Antarctic Weddell Sea cannot serve any wrong purpose. To withhold it is a brevatio manus Domini.

Within the body of the earth, light objects float upward towards the surface and heavy objects sink downward towards the Core, thus the Core is continually increasing in size and weight.  As the Core increases in size and weight it slows down the rotational speed of the earth.

As a simple example, if your children were on a rotating carousel, spinning in the counter-clockwise direction, and you decided to slow the carousel down, without giving the matter any thought, you would apply your weight in the clockwise direction, the opposite direction of the carousel’s rotation and the carousel would slow down, if you continued, the motion of the carousel would stop.  In the same way the Core’s weight is applied in the opposite direction of the rotating planet, and the increasing weight of the core gradually slows the rotation of the earth.

It remains to be discovered that the Earth Heart (Core) rotates in the clockwise direction, opposite to the asthenosphere and the lithosphere.   The slowing of the Earth’s rotation is due to the increasing weight of the Core.

What will take place when the weight of the core exceeds the weight of the earth?

A Holy Event in which everything in Nature will evolve to higher life in unison.  The Holy Event explains the true origin of the Moon.

Between now and the Birth of the Aeon, the weather will become more unpredictable, there will be more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, because the Earth is in the throes of labor.  Anyone who departs the Earth, out of fear of the upheaval, is departing from his or her own evolution into the ‘New Man’. For those who remain on the Earth, not departing from Her body and wholeheartedly embraces Her Birthing, yes, of course, we will die and but we will be reborn, and evolve to higher life *physically and spiritually. Dying is as natural as breathing, without death there is no rebirth in the one, true Heaven: The Morning Star-Venus (in Hopi called The Fifth World-Taalawsohu).

All people should know that the widening of the ozone hole in the Spring months of the Antarctic are caused by the Earth’s birth pangs.

Once the truth becomes general knowledge the Day of Hatching will be a Day of Great Celebration, not a day of fear.

Those who do not stay in real-time to celebrate the hatching will be deprived of the next level of evolution; rather, they will be coerced into space-time.

The ones who ‘control’ this orbit were here before us. Long before our Earth occupied this orbit their planet (which is now Venus) did so. When their planet underwent a ‘shift’ to a higher orbit, the dark ones, also thought of as, the ancient ones, transgressed God’s Laws and remained behind in space-time.

There are those who always have and always will use fear tactics to lure people into space-time, and keep them in space-time by tempting them with prolonged life, even ‘immortality’ but there is no immortality in space-time, ‘et in Arcadia ego’. The human body is vulnerable to death even in space-time.

There are those who will be loyal to God and remain on Earth to celebrate the Birth, and there are those who will watch the Birth from the dark world that stalks our reality.

The “Universal” Catholic Church believes it is withholding the information because mankind is not wise enough to understand the truth, “and anyway, we have Purgatory (Arcadia, Seventh Heaven, Space-time etc.)” But we know that Purgatory is the Antechamber of Hell.  Have you visited Vatican City lately? Have you seen how the Church flaunts symbols of the truth everywhere? What is her purpose if not to taunt? Shouldn’t she be more modest since she has no intention of revealing the truth?  And then there are the so-called secret societies, the very ones who exploit the truth for wealth and power.  They have been dressing it up as religion and revealing it since time began (so to speak), but only to a select few, all in the service of something entirely opposite to God.

Priests and Politicians invalidate themselves when they perpetuate the LIE that mankind is responsible for climate change. A man who perpetuates the climate change LIE does not represent the welfare of the people.

Governments intentionally frighten people about climate change to encourage them to leave the Earth, knowing  that climate change heralds evolutionary completion.

Climate change is a natural process caused by the growth of the Core of the Earth. The Core of the Earth will be ejected through the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic and the Earth will move closer to the Sun.

Where is the priest or politician who will enlighten the people? That man represents the people. Other men are liars and fear-mongers.

We have coexisted with all of Nature since the beginning of Time, we are interconnected with all of Nature and must function together synchronously until the Time of Purification.

We can do nothing to hold back Nature, and so we must accept the weather changes which signal the Time of Purification and the continuation of evolution of man and all Nature on the one Universal Road of Life.  Now we must harvest all our faith in Nature and in God and greet the approaching final stage of evolution with courage and rejoicing.

Only one chance is given, you can only evolve in unison with everything in Nature.

If you miss this chance to complete your Pattern of Evolution, all else in Nature will go forward and you will be left behind.

  • Climate change is NOT a threat to human existence.  Climate change is NECESSARY for human progression.–Shiloh

  • The Earth is your nurturing mother, please, DO NOT leave her. Climate change is real, but it is NOT to be feared. It is a joyous occasion when a planet gives birth. You are on the cusp of a new and wonderful step in human progression.–Shiloh

  • The Earth is your Mother, LOVE Her! TRUST Her! And above all else, STAY with Her!–Shiloh

Our Earth is the Great Goddess who gathered you to her breast, sheltered you in her caves, provided you with nourishment from her body and worked tirelessly towards your evolutionary improvement. Live your life in brotherly love, and put aside all fear of death, for death has no sting, and the grave holds a reward for the righteous. Through rebirth we shall inherit the incorruptible body of perfect, completed man.

This time mankind must anticipate the Event at the Weddell Sea with joy in his heart.

This time there must be no fear and NO evacuation.

We have long been dissuaded from disclosing the facts and the psychology used to dissuade us, fear tactics, is the same as the psychology that will be used to persuade mankind that the Earth and everything on Her is going to be annihilated. Their other argument, that mankind is too naive to grasp the truth, is a blatant falsehood. God longs for mankind to know the whole of revealed doctrine, only then can He be certain that there will be anyone around to say, with understanding and feeling, “Annuit Coeptus”. Not annuit coeptus to a new world order that is in reality an ancient space-time world order dressed up as the Harlot of Babylon, but Annuit Coeptus to God.

The words ‘Annuit Coeptus’ that appear on American money are frequently wrongly interpreted as meaning “He has favoured our undertakings”, it means no such thing.  Annuit is the word from which “annual” is derived, and means ‘yearly’ coeptus (coepi/coepio) means beginning, (from which the word ‘inception’ is derived). The meaning of the term is: annual beginning, in the sense that the day of one’s birth is one’s annual (yearly) beginning, and it is spoken to convey the message: Happy Birthday.”

If I had one message to give to you it would be this…

Stay on Earth in real-time. Real-time was established by God in the beginning of creation. As He created all things He created real-time, read Genesis, God created all things in six progressive days and He rested on the seventh day, thus the Bible opens by revealing clearly that God worked and rested within the seven day week. When they begin to announce the ejection of the Core as a fearful Event that will annihilate all things on Earth, let me assure you, our Earth Mother is our biological Mother; She has no intention of destroying us. Earth does not fly into the Sun bearing Her children. She flies closer to the Sun to become the next Morning Star. Those who stay and “hold fast to what they have” will inherit light and Heaven, those who abandon the crust of this Earth will inherit darkness and the ‘other’ place. There is a hell and it is the ‘abyss of outer darkness’. When you know the Event is on the horizon, celebrate and pray: Annuit Coeptus Deus!