The destruction of colossal structures such as the Mayan cities of Yucatan and the burial of Leptis Magna illustrate the chaos wrought on Earth by an unseen agent of Nature that swallowed all structures in its path.

From the Menhirs of Carnac to the Nazca lines of Peru, engimatic monuments bear evidence to sudden and unexpected cataclysmic changes.

What agency produced such powerful paroxysms?

This is not science fiction. Every paroxysm of the Earth: tsunami’s, earthquakes, all other events called ‘natural diseasters’ are occurring because the Earth is preparing to move closer to the Sun.

These paroxysms are the birth pangs of the earth, they will increase in intensity and number, and your faith will be put to the test.

The Earth has evolved considerably since its formation in a nebula.  And each step in the Earth’s evolution is catalyzed by two natural occurrences:

  1. The ejection of a Core.
  2. Migration closer to the Sun.

The great and powerful force of Nature, deep inside the Earth, is responsible for planetary migration. Human life is intimately linked to the Earth and the Core, and human development is utterly dependent upon planetary migration.