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Tutskwa I’ Qatsi–“Land and Life are One”

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In this post are the links to the pages of words compiled of a Native American Hopi Priest in which he strived to share the Truth in 1998-1999.  This is for anyone that is interested in learning in this manner as well, to be included with the information throughout this site, and mainly to keep his direct words and knowledge available that were offered and intended to help people come to a better understanding of our home planet and guide people to make wise choices in the times ahead.


Grandfather’s Message  (an overview of the *message*)

Sacred Bird (knowledge of our Earth and Her inner Core relating to planetary migration)

Sunflower Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi (a description of our solar system through a drawing of a sunflower)

The Twin Warriors (the powerful forces that keep our world rotating)

Imooyi  (message regarding life and death)

The Mongko (Universal Laws)

Pootskwani (Spirit Laws)

Karma (our actions in life)

Kyaptsita “Respect”

Respect and Loyalty to Mother Earth

True Brother

Two Horn and One Horn Societies (Priesthood)

Hierarchy  (explanation of hierarchy of Deities)

Star People

Sacred Dances (general information in understanding the importance of the meaning  within the dances)

Kyaro Katsina

Badger Medicine (honoring our sacred pact)