The Keeper of Time


Anything that did not originate on this Earth does not belong on this Earth.  If it did not originate on Earth it is an alien. What makes anyone think the aliens who come to Earth are “advanced”?  Technology? Is that how you judge whether a race is superior?

What do “advanced” aliens want from humans?

They want our land and they want our genes.  In return they offer the only thing they have:  advanced technology.

Why would “advanced” aliens want our genes?

They have been around long enough to develop advanced technology.  That makes them old.  A biologically “superior” race would not want the genetic material of a biologically “inferior” race.

Stop being in awe of their “high flying assets” and look at what is right under your nose!  They want our land and our genes.  Therefore, they have no land of their own and our younger genes are superior to their own.

They may have a young appearance due to cloning, robotics and lack of gravity, but their age is reflected in their technology just as our youth is reflected in ours.

Older does not necessarily mean superior, older just means older.  Older does not make them a biologically superior race.  They are homeless and they want our Planet.  They are ancient and they want our genes.

The demons want to be announced.  Did not their own harbinger warn you; “Do not invite the demon”?

The politician who announces the presence of the demons has been rewarded by the demons and is in their service.

The politician who inhales before announcing, “The ‘aliens’ are here…” condemns his soul before he exhales.  If he did not know before, he knows now, that he would trigger an avalanche that would swallow many alive and would not spare him.