The Keeper of Time

Badger Medicine

“BADGER MEDICINE IS POWERFUL.  Badger lives in a tunnel in Earth Mother where the Roots of the Growing Things are, he tends to the Roots and guards the entrance fiercely.  Badger is not just guarding his tunnel; he is guarding the entrance to Maski.  Badger is guarding the Roots of mankind.  Guarding the Roots of Mankind is the most Kyakyauna Medicine.

Badger speaks “Nothing can take my body away from my Earth Mother.  I am born here, my father before me is born here, my grandfather is born here, my great grandfather is born here, the Roots of my whole family are here in Tuuwaqatsi Earth Mother and I will never leave Her.”  Badger Medicine is “I am created from the Soil Body of my Earth Mother, I keep alive by eating things growing from the Soil Body of my Earth Mother, I am Living on the Soil Body of my Earth Mother, When I die my Spirit will go inside the Soil Body of my Earth Mother.”

Man is the same, come from Soil, eat from Soil, living in house made from Soil (rock brick glass all come from Soil) and man must be unafraid to die and be buried in the Soil Body of his Earth Mother just as his ancestors were buried in the Soil Body of Earth Mother.  There is only one way to reach Masau, only through the Soil Body of our Earth Mother.

Badger Medicine is Plant Medicine.  All parts of a Plant are kyakyauna.  We use the Roots of a Plant to speak “I honor my roots.  My roots are planted deep in my Earth Mother.  I honor my roots and I honor the Sacred Pact made with Masau, which commits me to the Sacred Pattern of Migration, which is the Sacred Pattern of Evolution.”

Not only Himu Sinom, every creature has entered into a Pact with Masau-Father-Death “Masau my Father, if you give Land and Life to me, I will follow the Straight Line of Sacred Corn leading back to You.  I will walk the Good Road and when I reach its End I will go Bravely to my Death.  When I shed my body and return to You I will be worthy to Evolve to a higher form on Taalawsohu-Fifth World.”The Badger guards his Medicine fiercely, but it is better for man to guard Badger Medicine with Respect and Love.  Like Badger, the Badger Medicine Man digs deep into the Earth Mother to be closer to Her Sacred Core, and in this way to catch his Medicine.  Badger’s Tunnels leads to Maski where Masau awaits every good man who has Lived an honorable Life.”