The Keeper of Time


“I now like to answer question of hierarchy of Deities.

Hierarchy is simple to understand. First there is (Taiowa) Sun Father. Next is his Nephew Sootukwnangw (Milky Way Galaxy). Next is Kokyangwuhti (Earth Mother).  Next (created by Kokyangwuhti) sons of Kokyangwuhti and nephews of Sootukwnangw: Poyokonhoya and his brother Paalonghoya, (nephews of Sootukwnangw are usually said to be twins-the Twin Warriors). Next in hierarchy is Paaloloqangw (Great Serpent), after this Family comes all other Deities. Except for Tawa and Kokyangwuti other members of this family are called Serpents. Soon you will know why it is so.  I explain as my father told it to me.

In Beginning Time there was only Taiowa (in Beginning Time Taiowa is Universe, so now I say Taiowa instead of saying Tawa). Taiowa wanted Tutskwa I’qatsi so He Nuwukya into Space. Some say Tawa Nuwukya (ejaculate) without help from Woman. By this way of thinking Taiowa ejaculate into Space and Space is the own Tipkya (Womb) of Taiowa. By this way of thinking Taiowa is Man and Woman and can ejaculate into His own Womb. By this way of thinking:  Taiowa Nuwukya into Tokpela and Tokpela is Tipkya of Taiowa. Anglo meaning: Universe without help ejaculate into Space and this Space is own Womb of Universe. Taiwa’s Nuwuki is Qatsi Pasiwta (Life Potential).

So by this way of thinking this Universe is Womb of Taiowa and all things in Universe are inside Womb of Taiowa. When dancers in small dance plaza make Yomimita (thrusting from the hips) it is to celebrate the Yomimita of Taiowa when he ejaculates into Empty Space (Tokpela). One Time a man said to me “this dancing is indecent” when he saw Yomi style of dancing, but Yomi style of dancing is Creation Yomimita of Taiowa and is not indecent.

By this way I come to Sootukwnangw , nephew of Taiowa and next in hierarchy. When Taiowa Nuwukya into Space His Nuwuki (semen) is Torikiwyungwa (twisting around into spiraling) and each time He makes Yomimita Toriritota (whirling spiraling) is Happening in Space, these Tori (Spirals -Serpents) are nephews of Taiowa. We call these nephews Serpents because they are coiled like Serpents in Space. Sootukwnangw is one of the many Tori (Spirals- Serpents) and nephews of Taiowa. Sootukwnangw is Tori (Spiral).

*Exactly Sootukwnangw is Milky Way Galaxy , *hidden name of Sootilkwnangw is Soonguruqa (Milky Way Galaxy). By this way of thinking Taiowa is Man-Woman and ejaculates into Own Womb which is Space. Semen of Taiowa is forming Many Spirals and one Spiral is Milky Way Galaxy who we call Sootukwnangw. This name Sootukwnangw (Hopi calls Pile of Stars) is coming from Soo-(many) Tukw (necklace -the spiral necklace in Space) and angw (come from and some other meanings) Tukwunangw (cumulus cloud) Tukpu (sack).

My father liked this explanation for Sootukwnangw and if my father was here he would say “Universe is a Sack full of Nuwuki”.  When I was small as a grasshopper he showed me Tokpela (Sky -Space) and he said “Soonguruqa (Milky Way Galaxy) is Sacred Necklace made of Many Beads (Planets and Stars).  All these Many Beads is Tutskwa I’qatsi of Taiowa. We live on this Bead (my father patting Earth Mother with hand) She is our Tuuwaqatsi (Tutskwa: Land, Qatsi: Life), One Bead among Many Beads in Tukpa (sack) of Taiowa. Now we have Soo-(Many) -Tukw- (Necklace)- Tukwunangw (cumulus cloud). When we look up into Tokpela Sootukwnangw looks like Big Cloud Of Dust, and for this reason qo’angw means Cloud of Dust (Space Dust) and Sootukwnangw is also said as Sootukqo’angw: Many-Necklace-Big- Dust-Cloud.

First in hierarchy is Taiowa (Universe), second is Sootukqo’angw (Milky Way Galaxy), and third is Kokyangwuhti (Earth Mother who is Land and has Power to give Life and who is our Sacred Bead in Milky Way Galaxy in womb of Taiowa).”