The Keeper of Time


“Imooyi (my granddaughter), when the Serpent Brothers stop turning this is *not a Time to be afraid! It is a Time for ceremony and celebration!  Imooyi, you are here in this Fourth World *only because you have celebrated these Changes in the Third World.  If you had reject these Changes you will still remaining in Third World.  This is another telling but another matters must come before this telling.  Imooyi you have been with Mother Earth since First Stage of Development.  From First Stage of Development to this Fourth World you have evolving to this now stage of Life.  If you have chance to go back to Third World will you accept?  No, of course you will reject!  No man wants to go from higher form to more lower form.

This your now body is not finished creation.  Eyes can not see all colors, ears can not hear all sound and man only using small part of brain.  Last stage of evolving of man every part of brain is being used, every sound being heard and every color being seen.  Imooyi, this Fourth World is difficult to Live without pain and money is too powerful and many disease coming and war and children dying for hunger and having no water.  People going around with gun and knife.  You want to stay in this Fourth World?

Imooyi when I was a grasshopper I speaking to my grandfather “I am very afraid of World End.  Very afraid of World shaking and stop turning.”  Ikwa’a (my grandfather) speaking to me, “Go around looking at everything having Land, come back when you have been looking at everything having Life.”  I want to go to my grandfather very quickly so I go around very quickly and not really looking very much at those things having Life.  I see some Turkey, some friends but keep moving not to even greet them and running back to ikwa’a.  He speaking “You see many things having Life?”  I speak “Some things but I am in a hurry to return and get some words from you.”  He is speaking “You see any young kids?  Any animals?”  I speak “Yes, some friends and some Turkeys and one two or three old people going around.”

Ikwa’a is speaking “All those friends and animals and old people, you thinking they are Living forever?  They *all are gone in 110 Years.  Everything having Life going around here you see today, nothing of these things are being here in 110 Years.  Land still here, Life still here, but all Life is changing.  When Purification Day is coming all Life is Changing at same Time and Land is Changing also.  Look at that young baby going around and can not stand on his feet, also gone in 110 Years.  Every thing having Life this Day is gone in 110 Years, and you are not afraid.  You are being afraid only because every thing is going at same Time on Day of Purification.  Every thing having Life being changed at same Time on Day of Purification.  This is sounding like a big and dangerous matter, but it is Natural matter to die. I die before you; you don’t want to come to Fifth World to be with me?  You liking this Fourth World very much and want to Live forever in this troublesome Place?”

Ikwa’a is speaking many more words to me at that Time and soon I understand, Grandfather will die, mother will die, father will die, friends will die.  This is natural matter.  Grandfather speaking Truth, I am being afraid of dying everyone together.  Now I am old, not afraid to die, waiting to go to Fifth World where there is no struggling with Land and Life.  I see many family and friends die, one by one, but they all going.  One by one or all together, dying is dying!  Sipapu to Fourth World was opened by Masau-Father-Death.  Only Masau greeting those persons coming from Third World to this Fourth World.  We are calling Masau-Father-Death “Caretaker” of Fourth World.  Same Masau-Father-Death we make a pact, we will take care of Land and Life and when ending we all come to you and hope to Live in Fifth World and having completed form.  This matter is why we walk straight line of Sacred Corn to Direction of Taalawsohu, we are renew our pact “We walk straight line to come to Taalawsohu Morning Star and World of completed form of Life.”

Do not be afraid to die imooyi?  You want to live forever in this form you are having now?  In this Fourth World where even children dying of hunger and no water and getting very sick with many diseases and wicked person going around killing and hurting with knife and gun? Or you want to go to Fifth World where there is no more struggling with Land and Life?  Maybe you speaking to me “When will these things happening?  I don’t want to die young woman!”  I answer to you “Be strong hearted!”  Every Day even smaller children are dying, and newborn babies are dying, and women more younger than you are dying, and going to war many young man only teenager are dying.  Today already in this whole World who can know how many young persons are dying?  In 110 Years all creatures having Life today will be gone and replace by another creatures.  To be born is natural and to die is also natural.

*Not to die is *unnatural and another telling.  If again you feel fear go to look at Life same as my grandfather speaking to me.  Look at Bird and Dog and Sheep and small child and fish and insect and know all these creatures gone, some very soon.  This is making afraid?  This is unnatural?  Where are they going?  How they reach that Place?  This is another telling.  So many things to speak and so small Time to speak all those matters.

Imooyi, I go before you, your Time coming to leave this Fourth World and meet your Kwa’a in Fifth World, I come back to this Place and holding your hand and taking you to Fifth World and in Fifth World we go around together and I show you how wonderful is Fifth and Final World where no more struggling.”