The Keeper of Time


“Ngungu’tota itupkom niqw inaanatupknu, again my message is in good English because my brother did edit it, my granddaughter did ask me about Karma and what I know I can share. The words of a Hindu Priest, is Karma is the law of action and reaction” I know an action which takes place in this life can result in either a reaction which takes place in this life or a reaction which is carried over to the next life (my pahana brother says this is what is meant by: cast thy bread upon the water and after many days it shall be returned to you).

As we understand it, and as Hindus understand it, Karma is not a system of punishment, Karma is a system of learning through experience. The learning experience usually involves suffering and for this reason Karma is sometimes thought of as a system of punishment. Suffering is the fastest and most effective teacher, whether it is emotional or physical (my pahana brother says this is what is meant by this verse in the Bible: if you had known how to suffer, you would have overcome suffering). The system works like this: when a man performs a wrong action he is certain to be placed in a position, in this life or his next life, wherein he will be the recipient of the same wrong action. The purpose of Karma is to prevent the same wrong action from being repeated in future lives and the method is simple and certain; if in one life a man inflicts hunger on others through his own greed, in his next life hunger will be inflicted on him through the greed of others. Karma does not rely on memory , Karma is effective even though a man has no memory of his actions in his past lives. You may ask, “with no memory of his past lives what is to prevent him from making the same mistakes again?” The purpose of Karma is to improve a man’s behavior through his natural reactions. Memory of wrong actions seldom improve a man’s natural reactions (and Nature does not want a man to remember his past lives at this point in his migrations ). Memory of our past lives are stored in our DNA, genes store the data from previous lives. Genes are responsible for more than eye color, skin color etc. genes are also responsible for our instinctual behavior. A great deal of the data stored in our DNA molecules (some of which scientists mistakenly refer to as “junk DNA”) was gathered during previous life experiences and dictates our instinctual behavior. Nature never inflicts suffering we cannot endure, when we see a man suffering beyond what we think he can endure, he is a strong-hearted soul who chose to carry his heavy load before entering this fourth world, he has no memory of making this choice, but it is his way of learning quickly and escaping many reicarnations in Tsoorsohu- Tuuwaqatsi this Fourth World.

When I was staying with a Hindu Priest in India, the cab we were in stopped at a red light and a man with a very heavy load, (no legs, only one arm and blind) was begging at the side of the road. I gave him all I had and he blessed me and went back (supporting his body on his one good arm) to his position on the sidewalk. My Hindu friend asked me why I had given so much and I said ” i’taaqa Kyakyauna nihqe hongvi, this man is strong-hearted, he is accepting many lessons in one life, his blessing is kyakyauna, niqw nu’ hahlayi if he will remember me when he reaches Taalawsohu- Fifth- World. “