The Keeper of Time

The Mongko

“The Mongko is the Universal Law. Crow Law is our Mongko, our Law of Laws. Crow is a powerful word. Powerful Medicine.  Crow is clever. He is our great “Lawyer”. Crow Law, which we must all obey. My pahana brother told me, in the white man’s courtrooms, the important lawyers wear black clothes, maybe they do not know why they wear black, but it is symbolic of Crow.

White man has many laws, but he does not know the basis of his laws. Even in the greatest courtrooms, they ponder this question, “On what primary Law are all our laws based?” White man’s lawyers search their mind for the FIRST Law, the Law upon which all their other laws are based. Do you agree, if we know the Law upon which all other laws are based, there will be a need *only for this one Law?

The one Law is the secret “code” of Native American people. The one Law is very simple, as it is with all Truth, always it is easy to find Truth because it is simple enough for a child to understand it. The words of the one Law make no sense until you think about it, and when you think about it you can understand all other Law grows out of it. When we enter our kiivaya, we take each other by the left hand and we speak this Law. Before you dismiss this Law as too simple and without meaning, think about it. A Law is that which keeps order in this world.

First Law of Life, we must honor our Land and Life (Earth Mother) above all matters, we must keep bowed our head and fix eye on Her.

“Land and Life are One, We must Respect all Land and Life”.

Natwatch is the Hopi greeting and special handshake of brotherhood. To my people this sign means we are family, I am your brother, you are my brother. When one native man meets another, we take each other by the left hand, there is a sign of brotherhood which we make, and we say, “Land and Life are One, we must respect all Land and Life and hold the world in balance.” We never do this in front of our white brothers and sisters, because they may not understand.

We know they knew this Law long ago, but we also know they have forgotten it.  When our white brothers and sisters first encountered us, we used our handshake with them, it was not considered a secret, we knew they used to greet in the same way, long ago, and when they did not return the greeting, we knew, they have forgotten the old ways.

I share this Law with you, this way in which we people of tribes greet each other, and it may seem to you just a simple greeting, but to us it is the Way to live. With this Law in our minds we need no other laws. I greet the Sun every morning with my head bent low and these words “Good Morning Father! Land and Life are One, I respect all Land and Life!”

Now I want to share the second Law which I said grows out of the first Law, again it is very simple, and the words seem meaningless until we think about them carefully.

Second Law of Mongko, we must love all colors of brothers and sisters and make this World one family.

Third Law of Mongko, we must honor Masua-Father-Death and be unafraid to die. We must never take our own Life because It is not belonging to us but to our Earth Mother, we must never dishonor Masau because Masau is waiting at the end of Sacred Line of Corn and holding open Gate to Taalawsohu for all * good persons. Masau is Gate Keeper of Fifth World. He is made angry by persons who dishonor Life and Death and Masau will close gate of Taalawsohu in our face and foot of Masau will be kicking us back into this Fourth World.  If we kicked back into this Fourth World we must Live same *exactly same difficult matters we could not handle before over again and not be taking own Life.

If we do not respect Death how will we again find our Ancestors?  How will we find those family members who died and went to Taalawsohu? Some children dying young and going to Taalawsohu, how will mother and father of that child finding that child again if that mother and father dishonor Masau?  How will we find again our great grandparents who walking in this World and living a simple life and buried in the arms of this Tuuwaqatsi and be welcoming by Masau when passing through gate to Taalawsohu?  We all know when we come from Third World into this Fourth World, Masau-Father-Death alone is waiting to greet us in this Fourth World. So we all know we greeted by Death-Father to come into this Fourth World.  Masau-Father-Death is Gate Keeper to all Worlds, we migrate from one World to another World and always finding Masau Gate Keeper of Sipapuni to all Worlds.

Life is Spirit *and body! We too easily dismiss body because we do not try to control it. But when a body is controlled, when it serves Spirit within it, then Body is also great. Spirit needs Body if Spirit must act. The body is also Land. When we say, “Land and Life are One” we are saying many things, we are saying, “Body and Spirit are One”. It is too easy to speak highly of Spirit and regard Body as a shameful thing. We can elevate Body *and Spirit. Death and Life are also One. Native people do not fear Death, these are not empty words, we respect Death as we respect Life.

By knowing our “secrets” (which we have only hidden because it was safer) you can better understand us. I try to understand pahana (my white brothers and sisters) and what I can see which is good in you, I also do that! There is much greatness in my white brothers and sisters, and much wisdom, but it is true that many of them have lost the Way to serve Body and Spirit. This is also true of my people.

What great things can this old man share with you? Do you know why our Katsinam wear tall hats? Do you know why the Pope wears a tall hat? Do you know why there is this pahana saying “he has something under his hat”? The reason for the tall hat of the Pope, did you ever wonder about that? Why does the Pope wear a hat, which is tall as our Katsinam hats? What is the secret? This secret is as hidden as the secret of the Drum, but is it not strange? The primitive Hopi tribe and the Pope share a secret, and the Pope does not know that Hopi knows what he keeps under his tall hat.

Love the Land and love one another. Honor the Land and honor one another. We must make strong our hearts to Respect Land and Life, to Respect Life and Death. We must give back for what we receive.

I will better die knowing I tried to unite with my white brothers and sisters, to understand them and to help them to understand me, and to go forward in the same direction, ta’a (yes) I will like better to say that, than to die without trying.”