The Keeper of Time

Kyaptsita “Respect”

“A good matter to learn about Pahana “Love and Happiness”….this love and happiness Himu Sinom is not expecting to find it here in Fourth World.  We looking to find this love and happiness in Fifth World.

This Fourth World we know it is struggling World and we can make struggling matter less if we Respect and Protect. Respect and Protect in this Fourth World is best think we can do and if we do in the correct way we reach Taalawsohu and we have love and happiness. We planting Respect and Protect in Fourth World it is grow to become Love and Happiness in Fifth World.

We think if we looking too hard for love and happiness in Fourth World we forget Respect and Protect. Same like a man is wanting to pick that peach on Top of Tree and cannot see so many peach in below branches. My heart is not exactly understand what is Pahana *love. I know I *love my family but maybe my way to love is not the *exactly same way as Pahana way.

First I must respect my family and protect my family. If another person coming to hurting to my family I must jump in front of my family because I am oldest person and Kwa’a to my family.  I am dishonor if my family is getting hurt and I am keep safe.  My family having no Land and Life I also wanting no Land and Life. We Respect and Protect each other and all Land and Life we cannot suffer very much pain.

One is speaking to explain Pahana love to me, sounding like “You are belong to me”, now I speak my feeling, I learn from a grasshopper, Respect!  Protect!  I am having good feeling for whole family, and that one family member having good Respect for me my feeling is coming stronger for that family member.  Some Times I am thinking in this Fourth World Pahana is speaking love and meaning is Respect and Protect but another Time I am not sure because Fourth World love is doing some matters with no Respect and no Protect.

My people do not have exactly way of speaking, “Love and Happiness”, our way of speaking is “Haalayita lolma suntutskwatamum” “Be happy with good balance”.  Pahana is speaking much about “love” in many matters, love for child to parent, love fore parent to child, love for friends, love for man and woman, love for animals. In Hopi matters, we are speaking “Kyaptsita” meaning “Respect”.

Tsayhoya ymat Kyaptsi’yungwa, yumat tsayhoya maqaya tuwvota. (Child is having Respect for parents, parents are *protecting child.) Tsayhoya Wuuwu’yam Kyaptsi’yungwa, Wuuwu’yam tsayhoya maqaya tuwvota. (Child is having Respect for Elders, Elders are *protecting child.) If child is not Respecting parents or Elders, Whipper katsinam are punishing child.

We are not speaking to child, “You must love mother and father, you must love Elders.”  We are speaking “You must Respect, always Respect.”  Man and woman Respecting each other, Hopi is Respecting other Hopi, Hopi is respecting animals. We must *Respect all Land and Life and uphold Balance of Nature.  Love is great thing bringing good *feeling, Respect and Protect is great thing bringing good *behavior, making Sinom su’antsatski (do right thing), making su’an Sino (correct and proper behaving person).

There are many different matters of love, there is only one matter of Respect. Kyaptsi ‘yta sutsep pam piw:  Respect is always Respect.”