The Keeper of Time

Respect and Loyalty to Mother Earth

“It is good not to look boldly at Tawa but to keep your head bowed with Respect and look at Earth Mother when singing to Tawa. Even when Tawa is going to His Kiiva in the Western Sky we should not look boldly at Him but keep our head bowed  with Respect and singing.

One Anglo man speaking to me, “I love Sunset, I love to admire Father Sun when he makes red the Sky”, this is not the native way. Anyone can admire anything.  A man can admire another man’s wife and love to look at her when she goes to get water.  He can look and thinking she is most beautiful woman in this World but if she catch him looking at her is she happy with his big eyes?  Is she happy he is looking and thinking “I love you and I love to admire you when you go to get water” maybe she will shout at him “Why you are looking at me with big eyes!”  You having no Respect for me?”.

I see a big Volcano one Time, we are seven men climbing to Top of that Volcano.  All other men are looking with bold “Wa! Wa!  Looking Wonderful!”  I am lie down my body on Earth Mother and put my face in soil and peek at Volcano like small child looking from behind legs of his  mother.  My son is speaking “Get up father, you look at this wonderful Volcano!”  But I know this Volcano is *kyakyauna (powerful) and can open up and throw out Fire and can destroy a big Place and all people in that Place and can spare Life of only a few persons.  I know Volcano can see I have Respect.  “Wa! Wa! Wonderful to look!”  Anyone can look but it is good to Respect.

Spirit and body are given by Mother Earth and we must thank Her for Spirit and Body.  Remember Koyanwuhti is “Giver of Life”  “Creator of Body”.  It is right to give great thanks for Land and Life to Earth Mother.  Children cannot run past mother and go to father and thanking him for matters, children must thank mother.  At this Time you put all mind and heart into praying to Earth Mother.  When all this praying is coming perfect we speak about Tawa.

Free will is not native way, we know we have not free will, we have Pact to do only in way of Masau.  Tawa is not creating Earth Mother and not creating all creatures She love and care for. Sootukwnangwe-Star-Gatherer is creating Solar System and Kokyanwuhiti is Creator of Life to all creations and Earth Mother is *keep alive those creations with Her feeding and protecting. It is good to thank to Earth Mother.  Thank your Mother for keeping alive to you with feeding and protection.  Thank your Earth Mother for Land and Life.  Promise to be a good child and never to leave Her.

Soon your Mother Earth will have pain and suffering (next telling) and She will shake and stop turning and get hot and cold.  Is this a Time for running away?  Does a good child stay by Mother only when the Mother is very well and having no hard struggling?  Or does a good child stay by Mother when she is suffering and struggling?  Mother needs all her children to be with Her when she is suffering and struggling, if then you run away and try to come back later when suffering and struggling is over, she cannot accept you back.

She is having no choice in this matter, it is Mongko, if you run from her when she is having pain and then come back later when her pain is going, Earth Mother cannot accept you.  Only those children remain with Her during Her pain and struggling and suffering will evolve to complete Life Form.

Praying to Earth Mother is good when your feeling is *strong for Her, only for Her, and keeping mind and heart on Her, only on Her.  Another Time with other matters on your mind it is not good to pray, that praying is kayakyauna.  What about Father Sun?  Give all power of your praying to Earth Mother and when Earth Mother is speaking clearly in your dream “Now you can peeking from behind my skirt and singing to your Father”.  Go out at Time of Forehead Sun and keep bowed your head and singing to Father Sun.  It is good to go out to Forehead Sun and keep bowed your head and singing to Him to please Him.  Earth Mother is loving to hear Her children singing to their Father.  Make a nice thing to give to your Father and offer it to Him and sing because He likes singing of His children.  When clearly you understand Father Sun you can go to pray to Him but at this Time you are keekelt (little Hawk sitting in nest and cannot fly) praying to Mother singing to Father is the way with Respect.”