The Keeper of Time

Sacred Bird

“We think of our Earth Mother as a Sacred Bird. In every orbit She has been a different Bird. The Bird we identify with Her in each orbit is according to the color of Her egg. Her egg is the planet. When She was in the first orbit, we were not yet man; we were not yet even simple creatures. We lived in this undeveloped state until a time of Purification came upon Her. The Great Bird laid an Egg. Inside the Earth Mother is hatching an Egg.

In every orbit She patiently hatches an Egg. When the Egg is ready to emerge, Purification is knocking on the door. What is this Egg? To me it was always a mystery; we had many names for this Egg and many “myths” about it. One “myth” was when it emerged in a village and caught two children and took the children back to the Underworld with it. The “myths” are meant to explain the Truth but sometimes they make it unclear because they give it an atmosphere of fantasy.

The “myths” are not really “myths”, they are a way of explaining Truth to a people before we have an understanding of science. The Truth has always been with us, science is a newcomer. They do not struggle against one another.

We are not aware of Earth Mother’s movement but She is always rushing around, (‘Itam Tuuwaqatsi qa navoti’yataqa hoyota niikyangw Tuuwaqatsi hoyota sutsep.)  She is rotating (koruruta) around Her axis and She is revolving (qoqonlawu) around Tawa-Father-Sun, and also flies with the rest of the Solar System (Kokyangwuti) through space, all this running around causes movement within Her. This movement is called “differentiation” the meaning is that heavy material sinks and light material rises. The same thing happens when a man pans for gold, the gold sinks, also when a woman shakes Corn, the husks rise.

In the body of our Earth Mother heavy material sinks and light material rises. Metals sink downwards and they have formed an Iron Egg in Her center. This Iron Egg grows with every passing minute as differentiation continues because She does not stop hurrying around, we call Her Huurinwuti (hurrying around woman), and among the many other names She has. As long as Her motion continues, metal sinks towards Her center and Her Egg grows.

Pahana scientists call Her Egg, the Core of the Earth. They know it exists, they know it is mostly iron, they argue among themselves about the nature of the Egg. Pahana scientists do not believe our Earth Mother is alive, to Pahana scientists She is just a “Planet”, not a Mother and Her Nohu is just a Ball of Iron of no importance. They do not know it will come out. They do not know it is this Egg, growing bigger every day, which causes our Mother’s motion to slow down, they do not know it is the growing Egg which causes all the weather changes we now witness. Maybe if they knew the Egg was going to be hatched soon they would work even faster to build a space station and to “save” themselves from Purification.

We must try to give Truth to every man who is come with hands open and speaking “I am looking for Truth.” I hear many Times there is many ways to Taiowa.  Mongko speaking there is *one-way to Taiowa.  Mongko speaking there is *one only True way.  We can say many way lead to Mongko but when facing Mongko many men stop to go forward because Mongko can make afraid to people.  Mongko is standing like Skeleton (Masau-Father-Death) speaking “You looking for your star brother to come and stop you from dying? You afraid to give back your Life to One who is giving that Life to you? You not trusting that Life is return to you again in even better form?  Go away and be looking always at Tokpela and hoping people from other World can save your from Death.  You come to Mongko you must accept Masau.”

People thinking another World people not having to die!  They hoping another World people can take them to their stranger World when Time is coming for Tuuwaqatsi to have suffering and have pain.  Good to stay with Tuuwaqatsi if she is feeling good and giving to them all good things and not giving to them any problems! Problems coming they don’t want Her! Himu Sinom is not afraid of natural matters.  We all afraid of first Time come into this World?  Ask to any woman having child:  that matter is easy when you having that baby?  Woman is not afraid of having baby then why are we men afraid of Death?  We all must accept to every natural matter.  We all must stay with our Mother when Her Pain is coming.  What son or daughter is run away when the Mother is suffering?

Pahana scientists know that with every passing day the speed of the Earth Mother’s motion is slowed down. This is because of the heavy material sinking down into the center of Earth Mother. When Her Egg is too heavy for Her to keep in Her womb, it will come out. We can understand when a woman has a baby, we can understand when a Bird lays an egg, but it is not easy to accept that our Earth Mother is also busy hatching out an Egg. Why? Why do we think She cannot give birth? Maybe just because it is beyond our human minds to believe She is alive, as we are.

To Himu Sinom, Earth Mother is Land and Life, She is Alive and Her Iron Egg is Alive and She will soon lay Her Egg.  Huru’ingwuuti No’y ilti noq hiisave Huru’ingwuuti Nohu’at Tiita.  The Iron Egg of Earth Mother will Emerge at the Time of Purification, (Pay Huru’ng Wuuti Nohu’at Naavotsiwni kuyvani aasatve.) it is for this reason Great Purification is called Nohu Na’uyi’yta (The Secret of the Hidden Egg).

No one can deny the Mystery Egg in the Womb of our Earth Mother! No one can deny Her motion is slowing down. No one can deny that we dig up the bones of our early bodies because something BIG happened to us in the past and we, and all our buildings, were buried in the ground. No one can deny that Time as we know it will soon end, pahana scientists already know Time is not what we read on our clocks and calendars.

Long before pahana scientists knew our Earth Mother had an iron Core, Native Americans knew about Her Iron Mystery Egg, which would one day be hatched. And now I speak these words, one day soon pahana scientists may learn the secrets of Time, but long before they learn this, Native American Indians honor the Directions.

Our Mother keeps Her secrets well, and close to Purification, She asks us to release the great news of Her upcoming Birthing.”