The Keeper of Time

Sacred Dances

“I like to say something about the Sacred Dances. The sacred point to *all native ceremonies “we must give back for what we receive from Earth Mother”.

Now I will call Earth Mother Tuuwaqatsi (Tutskwa: Land Qatsi: Life) everyone knows I mean Land-Life-Mother. Also, if I call Milky Way Galaxy Sootukqo’ angw instead of Sootukwnangw , everyone knows I mean Milky Way Galaxy. When I call Life Potential (Qatsi Pasiwta) everyone knows I mean Taiowa’s Nuwuki. If I call Tokpela everyone knows I mean Space/Sky.

Everyone knows those serpents are Tori and some people are calling those Tori “Ngola” especially when they look at their fingers. Before I said the nearest place to see Great Serpent we call Spirit and many other Names is on our fingers (fingerprints) and the most far away is Milky Way Galaxy. If we have Water medicine Spirit (Serpent) is whirling water (I saw this Water Tornado Serpent myself one Time). If we have Sand medicine we can see all those on Land Serpents. These Serpents are not the devil, they are a way to see Spirit going around on Tuuwaqatsi (Earth Mother), and when we see Him coming in these forms we must show Respect, and keep out of His Way.

One man said to me Yomi way of dancing “is indecent” he also said Serpent worshipping is coming from Satan. I said, those Spirals if they are coming from Satan how come they are all over our body? Every Hopi elder knows that our hair is growing in a Spiral starting from the Koopa (Top Center of our head). If those Spirals are coming from Satan how come they are on our fingers? Everyone has these Ngola on the fingers and for everyone it is different. How come this Satan gives us our fingerprints making each one different? Is he inside our body? And how about that DNA? Is this Satan also inside our bodies making Spirals inside our bodies? These Spirals are made by God!

Then he went back to that Yomimita (hip thrusting movement when dancing) “That is Devil worshipping” also not possible because when his mother and father make his body how did they do it without Yomimita? And if Yomimita is Devil Worshipping every creature is created by Devil worshipping. Every baby is made by this “indecent” movement. We talk like this and finally he says it may not be Devil Worshipping and it may not be indecent but it is primitive. I think in this civilized World babies still being made in the same primitive way. Finally this man says, “It is natural but to do this publicly is making a spectacle.”

I am happy to make a spectacle to worship Spirit; if my spectacle is very strong and everyone is looking maybe Spirit is also looking. So this is the Himu Sinom way of doing things, we make a spectacle and Spirit is looking because this spectacle is for Him. In the Butterfly dance we celebrate Taiowa’s Nuwuki because all things are coming from this Life Source when He is making Yomimita without help from another and ejaculate into Universe, which is His own Womb. In the Butterfly dance it is not for sex between man and woman and making babies, it is for germination of Nuwuki of Taiowa, which is inside the body of Tuuwaqatsi, our Earth Mother.

Taiowa’s Nuwuki was gathered by the hands of his Nephew Sootukqo’angw (Sootukwnangw) who we call “Star Gatherer” because the Nuwuki of Taiowa is Life Potential for making Stars and all things. When the Nephew Sootukqo’angw is gathering the Sacred Nuwuki He is making Stars and Planets and all things and Tuuwaqatsi for all creatures. In the Butterfly Dance young men give sikwi (raw game meat) to young women because this sikwi is symbol of the Semen of Taoiwa. It is necessary to be game meat because to show it is not like those animals taken care of by man, it is Holy, living Wild and close to Spirit. This game meat *is Semen of Spirit.

In the Butterfly Dance young woman give noova (cooked food) to young men, this is to say “The sacred Womb (Universe) of Taiowa is cooking the Nuwuki and making it completed. “Maybe this is hard to understand but the meaning is: when the Nuwuki is coming from Taiowa the Work is not complete, Heat is inside the Womb of Taiowa and Heat is making germinate and fertilized those Nuwuki. The young men give the game meat (Semen) to the young girls, the young girls give back fertilized food. It is not wrong to say the semen of man is fertilized in the womb of woman. It takes the body heat in the womb to fertilize semen. But this Butterfly Dance is Holy and thanking for fertilized womb of Tuuwaqatsi our Mother, because in Beginning Time She was formed out of the Nuwuki of Taiowa and this Sacred Nuwuki gathered by the hands of Sootukqo’ angw is still inside Tuuwaqatsi, but is getting less at this Time. This is not a problem, always coming like this close to End Time. Always coming like this and always fixed. Now these days when I can see the Butterfly Dance I wonder how many can remember that game meat is Nuwuki of Taiowa in Natural State and that cooked meat is fertilized Nuwuki of Taiowa and we all are thanking Him and thanking Tuuwaqatsi.”

Honoring Evolution, Sound, and Time

“Pootawikkatsina is Coiled Plaque Carrier Katsina.  Pootawikkatsina is coming in Osomuya (March) for Angk’wa Katsina night dances (Death and Rebirth dances).  The Katsinam are doing night dances for Evolution and dancing is happening in very dark night Time because dark night is Symbol of Death and Death is door to Evolution to higher form.

Pootawikkatsina and other Katsinam announce their arrival on the Kiiva roof late at night with beautiful singing and shaking of rattles.  The Mong Priest invites the Katsinam to come down the ladder and give gifts to their Hopi relatives.  The Katsinam give gifts made from summer crops as Symbol of good crops to come and then are beginning to dance, they are dancing as if they are one Katsina reflected many Times in many mirrors.  It is said they dance and Pray for fertility but this explanation is too simple.

Angk’wa is happening in every Kiiva at same Time with same music.  This Echoing singing and repeating dancing is a great celebration to Honor Paalongawhoya (Echo), this is a way to Honor Sound, the mirror images repeated again and again by exactly same appearance of dancers and singing to Honor Evolution of man, animals and crops.  Time is honored greatly because without Time there is no Life no Death and no Evolution.

The singing is Kyakyauna and when singing ends the Sound is still Echoing inside mind and body like ringing of beautiful bell.  This Echoing remaining in mind and body is making the mind and body tuned to Spirit.  Echoing is still continuing in mind and body when next group of Katsinam enter Kiiva and beginning to sing, drum and dance again in same Echoing way.  Whole ceremony is for Mirror and Echo effect to Honor Evolution, Sound, and Time.  Mirror effect by every Katsina all looking same singing same dancing same are representing new Life, again and again, and new body coming with each new Life.

Angk’wa Ceremony is for Honor of Evolution from very simple form of Creation at Beginning Time to final form of development of man.  Angk’wa is believed even by some nowdays Hopis to be only for purpose of rain and fertility and plentiful crops, but True purpose of Ceremony is for Evolution to higher Life form.  This idea that Angk’wa is ceremony for fertility and rain for crops is also good but only part True.  Every seed is coming from Living plant, so that seed is having earlier Life in the Living plant.  When that plant is harvested, seed is then taken and buried in Earth (same as man is buried in Earth after Death.  Death of man is also “harvest”).  Seeds are then having new Life, growing to become new plant with more seeds.  These seeds are then buried in Earth and growing and having another Life.  Seed is born again and again (Evolution) as new plant.  Same way seed of man (seed of man is inside cells of man’s body) is planted in Earth, man is growing again, man is not growing out from ground like plant, seed (soul) of man is moving into womb of woman, and having new Life.  (Not through Nuwuki, Nuwuki is only making the body, but this is another telling.)

Coiled Plaques carried by Pootawikkatsina are Spirals.  Spirals are Great Symbol and there is more to speaking about Them in another Sacred telling another Time, but we know without Spiral Galaxies there are no Solar Systems, without Solar Systems there are no Planets and no Spiral Warrior Twins and no Land and Life.  We know even our DNA is Spiraling inside our bodies and this is another big telling.

The secrets to Life are hidden in Spiral DNA, it is correct to say Coiled Plaque in hand of Pottawikkatsina is Symbol for Galaxy, Spiral Forces and DNA.  Pootawikkatsina is Kyakyauna Katsina representing those Spiral Forces of Land and Life.”

Wutsim Celebrations

“Those famous Wustim celebrations held in Kelmuya (November) in the beginning of Winter are responsibility of Wuwtsimpt (Wuwutsim Society). Those Wutsim celebrations celebrate Life Beginnings in the Beginning First Three Stages of Life in the First Three Eggs (first three inside circles of the Sunflower Sand Painting).

Some Hopis have forgotton the meaning of Wutsim and Wuwutsim but the meaning is simple “Wrapped In Woman’s Shawl”. Wuuti (woman) and simni (shawl). “Bunched In Woman’s Shawl” is a good explanation too (tsimoqawta “bunched”) Some are adding “Thought” or “Thinking Things” also good because wuw-“Thought” “Thinking” and those algae will be thinking. My father is one who said “Thinking Things Bunched Together in Woman’s Shawl” also good.

So Wutsim takes its name from Kokyangwuhti’s Nuva (Snow) simni (Shawl). Those wutsim celebrations take place in the beginning of Winter because those First Three Stages of germination of algae took Place far away from Tawa-Father-Sun. Those were very cold Places. Those Stages (sometimes called Worlds because it is Eggs like the other Five Eggs in the Sunflower) but *Stage is a more used word (especially when I was a boy) because *bodies of creations are not formed at this Time.

The First-Egg-Stage is Bunched-In-Ball-of-Icy-Snow with four colors of soil and algae of all kinds taken from Space and bunched together for germination. So the Wutsim celebrations are for Beginning Life when *all life forms are wrapped together in Kokyangwuhti’s-Icy-Snow-Shawl and waiting for germination.

Those Five Eggs where the bodies of all creatures are formed we call *those Five Eggs First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Worlds. So only *One more World is to come, Fifth World we call “Always World” because only very good persons can go to Fifth World and because Fifth World will never be destroyed and we will never leave Fifth World.

Hopi knows First World is where Tawa’s creations have legs to stand and face Tawa-Father-Sun. There should be no confusion among Hopis about this matter because on First World Kokyangwuhti told Tawa’s creations “Now you have form you can stand and face Tawa your Father and give thanks for Tutskwa I’ qatsi.” For the first Time in First World mankind hears the words Tutskwa I’ qatsi (Land Be Life). From that Time, man is calling Earth Mother Tuuwaqatsi (Tutskwa-Land, Qatsi-Life). Man does not hear these words while he is algae.

First *World creations are not Qatsi Pasiwta (Life Potential) because Life Potential cannot make Fire. First World creatures have form and are closer to Tawa but it is still cold, not cold as those First Three Eggs but man must build Fires around fields to keep crops warm in First World and man has fur in First World, algae does not have fur and does not build Fire so there should be no confusion among Hopis (but some Hopis are confused about World Order, even some wise Hopis can not figure out why some Eggs are called Stages and other Eggs are called Worlds. If all Eggs are called *Worlds we have Eight Worlds, this is good too but according to Tradition those First Three are not called *Worlds, but for me Stages and Worlds are both good.)

Wutsim celebrations are in beginning of Winter because those First Three Eggs were Cold Places. If now we face the same cold we faced at that Time we will die but we are told the Cold First Three Eggs are not only *good but are *perfect for the Beginning Germination of all Life forms at that Stage.

Sunflower people who know about this matter are very few. Two Horn Society is in charge of Wutsim celebrations of Life Beginnings. Two Horn Society is responsible for those Three Stages of Life, not for the later Five Worlds. In my first explanation given before this one I should say that Tokpela (Space) is full of Tawa’s Nuwuki (semen) and those algae can be call Nuwuki because Tawa’s Nuwuki is Qatsi Pasiwta (Life Potential), but I don’t want to offend any women here so I say algae instead of Nuwuki. I hope this makes the understanding of Wustim more clear. (And I am coming to the matter of those Star People by this way.)”