The Keeper of Time

Star People

“I come to the Star People now, but I am starting with beginning. First Taiowa nuwu (ejaculates) into His own womb, next Sootukwnangw (Star Builder) builds Taiowa’s Nuwuki into Solar Systems and many Solar Systems He builds into one Galaxy, and in this way Sootukwnangw builds many Galaxies.

Sootukwnangw is Spinning-Force-God existing everywhere in the Universe (Taiowa’s womb ). Taiowa and His nephew, Sootukwnangw are Gods of this Universe. Our Kokyanwuhti, is our more directly personal God, Kokyanwuti is God of this *our Solar System. There are *many Solar Systems in Taiowa’s womb and there are many Kokyanwuhtis, One for every Solar System. Every Solar System built by Sootukwnangw has the own Kokyanwuhti, Mother of Solar System. Different Kokyanmomoyam (Kokyanwuhti more than one is Kokyanmomoyam) are Creator of Life in different Solar Systems.

*Our Kokyanwuhti, She alone gave Life to our Solar System. Gathering the necessary Nuwuki ofTaiowa to make all kinds of Life and rolling this Nuwuki with four colors of soil Kokyanwuhti made Land and Life in Her Tukpu, our Solar System. Our Kokyanwuhti wrapped Her Tiitipost every kind of Life, in tsivokti (soil) and tutsvala (saliva). She is sitting on her Tupku like a big Bird to keep Her Tukpu warm and making her Tiitipost germinate. (During Soyalwimi a girl is chosen to sit on a basket of seeds in the kiiva. Soyalangwu celebrates Life beginnings. Soyalangwu celebrates Kokyanwuhti establishing new Life in this our Solar System. This girl sitting on seeds honors Kokyanwuhti sitting on Her Sack like a big Bird. A girl from Parrot clan is chosen to sit on these seeds in the Kiiva because Parrot Clan is Himu Sinom Mother Clan, and Kokyanwuhti is Mother of all Life in our Solar System and Tawa-Father-Sun is Father of all Life in our Solar System.

Other Solar Systems have their Kokyanmomoyam and their Tawataataqt. Their Tawataataqt and their Kokyanmomoyam created their Land and Life and our Tawa , our Kokyanwuhti created our Land and Life. All creatures in Universe coming from Taiowa’s Nuwuki, but different Kokyanwuhtis gathering different Nuwuki and making separate Land and Life. In every Solar Systems some children have not good Respect for their Sun-Father and their Kokyanwuhti and their Land and Life. Same thing in our Solar System. We know many brothers and sisters are having no Respect for Mother Creator, no respect for Father Creator and no respect for Land and Life.

Now we can understand three matters: Kokyanwuhti is like to a big Parrot sitting on Sack containing eight eggs (everyone is speaking nine eggs Mercury most nearby to Sun is without Life and is *exactly a Moon. This is long telling for another Time).

We can understand these eight eggs are Three Stages of Beginning Life and Five Worlds. We can also understand we have many Star brothers and sisters and among them are good and bad *exactly same as on our Earth Mother: some good and some bad and some *very terrible (like people on our Earth Mother making bombs and secretly making germs for war purpose). We must not be thinking only the Sack of *our Kokyanwuhti is containing good and bad persons and many problems and all other Sacks are containing no problems and persons being good and perfect. Every Kokyanwuhti hopes for only good children but every Kokyanwuhti is having both good and bad because *all Kokyanmomoyam are taking Taiowa’s Nuwuki for their Sacks, all Kokyanmomoyam starting with *exactly same material.

It is not Taiowa’s Nuwuki containing bad Seeds, no such matter as bad Seeds in Nuwuki of Taiowa. Good and bad is a matter of choosing. Every creature has own choice to be good or bad. Bad is not found in Taiowa’s Nuwuki, bad is coming from Heart and Mind of each creation.

Third thing we can understand is better understanding of our Sunflower Painting. Sunflower Painting is easy to understand because it is our Solar System. *Many Sunflowers in this Universe having different colored eggs. We understand circles in our Sunflower Painting to be Planets. Center white circle is Planet covered in snow. Second circle is Planet one step closer to Tawa. Third circle is Planet one more step closer to Tawa. Fourth circle is another step closer to Tawa. Fifth circle is one more step closer to Tawa. Sixth circle being closer again to Tawa, we are calling Third World and Pahana is calling Mars. Seventh circle this our Land and Life we are calling Fourth World, this our Tuuwaqatsi is turquoise color and for this reason Himo Sinom is wearing turquoise jewellery. Eighth circle is Fifth World and is most close to Tawa (closer , to Tawa is Mercury but Mercury is *exactly a Moon). This eighth Planet is Fifth-Always-World- Taalawsohu (Morning Star, Evening Star, Day Star, is all the same Star, Taalawsohu). When we see Taalawsohu rising in Eastern direction before Sunrise we call Morning Star, when we see Taalawsohu going down in Western direction after Sunset we call Evening Star. When Taalawsohu is in Tokpela in Daylight Time and cannot be seen to us we call Day Star.

Ceremonies for Taalawsohu are beginning before Sunrise, Himu Sinom is walking to Eastern Direction and making a straight line of Sacred Cornmeal in Direction exactly of Taalawsohu. In days of my father we bury one arrowhead at end of line of Sacred Cornmeal. In later days we make Arrowhead painting at end of line of Sacred Cornmeal. Nowadays some persons putting the Arrowhead, other persons painting Arrowhead of Cornmeal, other persons making a straight line pointing to Taalawsohu with no Arrowhead. We do this line of Sacred Cornmeal to Taalawsohu because is Fifth-World-Always-World Home end of migrations and home of completed Life forms. We call completed Life form of persons Katsinam.

Katsinam who protect this Fourth World are Living on Taalawsohu their Land and Life. All *good persons when Dying complete migrations by following this line of Sacred Corn to Taalawsohu. Katsinam have Kiiva here in this Fourth World, and they come to their Kiiva Time to Time to protect us. It is easy to understand Katsinam are our Ancestors, because they reach Taalawsohu by *dying and they die long ago and have responsibility to guard us (but we also have responsibility to Katsinam) Kokyanwuhti is also guarding us because there are good and bad people in all Solar Systems.

Our Kokyanwuhti, Mother of Solar System, has spun a Sacred Spider Web around Solar System to protect us. This is another long telling for another Time. By this long way I have come to Star People. Good Star People all completed Migrations in their Solar System to their Taalawsohu and achieve complete and perfect Life Form. These brothers and sisters, our Ancestors who completed their Migrations to their own Fifth World are Katsinam.

One Christian priest speaking to my father and I am listening (when I am a grasshopper), Christian priest is speaking they call Taalawsohu-Morning-Star “Heaven” and Katsinam they call “Angels” this is also good, only one matter is different this Christian priest is speaking Angels have big white wings to fly from Fifth World to Fourth World. Himo Sinom is knowing Katsinam have no wings but flying in space ships, this with my own eyes I have seen many Times, and I have spoken to these brothers and sisters from Taalawsohu and they are having no wings. When my father is showing this Sunflower painting to the Christian priest, Christian priest is speaking we have made one mistake, we need one more egg. There is Mercury closer to Tawa than Taalawsohu but Mercury is a Moon and we are not including Moons in our Sunflower Painting of our Solar System.

Moons are *important and this is another long telling. We know outside Universe is Taiowa, (Universe being Taiowa’s womb). *Inside Taiowa’s Womb is Great-Star-Builder-God, Suutukwnangw building Solar Systems and Galaxies. Every Solar System having own Kokyanwuhti and every Solar System being Sack of own Kokyanwuhti. One Taiowa, one Suutukwnangw, many Kokyanwuhtis and many Sacks. Because Sack of Kokyanwuhti is containing eggs (Planets) it is easy to think Kokyanwuhti is a big Bird, and in special Ceremonies Kokyanwuhti is as a big Parrot sitting on Her many colored eggs. In some ceremonies every Planet is belonging to own Sacred Bird. Sacred Bird of Third World is Angwusi (Crow) and Sacred Bird of this Fourth World is Mongwu (Great-Horned Owl). Spider is a good description of Kokyanwuhti because of Kokyanwuhti’s Sacred Web. Also is another telling. I grow very tired, please we speak another Time about good and bad brothers and sisters from other Solar Systems and from our Tuuwaqatsi.”