The Keeper of Time

Sunflower Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi

“I ask in a *good way to draw a big Aquwsi (Sunflower) because this Sunflower is “Tutskwa I’ qatsi” (Land It Life Be-Land Is Life).  This is *original way of saying “Land and Life are One.”  Tutskwa I’ qatsi is Life Plan of God also called Universal Plan.

“Tawa” which is also a good way of saying “Sun-Father-God” for example “Tawakatsina” “Sun-Father-Katsina”.  In this way we understand “Tutskwa I’ qwatsi” (Land It Life Be) is Life Plan of Tawa.  Tutskwa I’ qatsi is some Times spelled as “Tutsqwa I’ qwatsi (some other spellings too, meaning is always the same and all these ways are good).  Once someone can understand clearly this Sunflower Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi they can feel more peace.

No need to use Sand for this drawing, Sand colors for this Painting are hard to mix.  First draw one small circle, then draw a circle around that small circle and then another circle around second circle and this way make Aquwsi (Sunflower) with eight circles and around outside biggest circle make Sunflower petals.

Color smallest inside circle white.  Color second circle pale blue.  Color third circle pale gray blue.  Color fourth circle yellow.  Color fifth circle pale green.  Color sixth circle red.  Color seventh circle turquoise.  Color eighth circle green and purple.  Each circle represents a bird egg.  Color Sunflower petals orange like Sun.

This is how my father made a Sand Painting to me, his father to him, his father to him, his father to him and every father to every son in my family and this is how a Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi is made in those secret places by old men who can remember Tutskwa I’ qatsi Sand Painting.  My father made it for me with Sand in these colors and his father for him in Sand and going back in the same way because there are Sunflower connections in my family and this Sand Painting is *very important to my family on every side *especially Sunflower Clan side but these colors are hard to mix.  I am someone who went to school, I know some old Hopis don’t like education but this is not everybody’s idea.  My father wanted me to learn Anglo and I did it or maybe I can’t speak with you now or use this computer.

This Sunflower Sand Painting is First Three Stages of Life and all Five Worlds:  First, Second and Third “Stages of Life” and First, Second and Third “Worlds” are not the same.  During Stages of Life creatures are developing, being *formed only during First World.  Form improving in Second World and again improving in Third World and again in this Fourth World.  Form being completed in Above World (Always World).  Some people are saying there are two more worlds after Above-Always-World to confuse strangers and at this Time even some Hopis are getting confused but Sunflower Clan elders are not confused because *they are the ones guarding this secret.

According to Sacred Sunflower Painting there are Three Stages of Life and *then come *Five Worlds, next World is Fifth World- *Always World.  My father said “First Qatsi Pasiwta” (Life Potential Substance) is floating in Tokpela (Space).  Then Tawa instructed Sotukwnangwu (Nephew of Tawa) to make nine Worlds of Tutskwa I’ qatsi.  Tawa said to Sotukwnangwu “Make Nine Worlds of my Pasiwni (Plan).  Then take Pasqavi (algae) from Tokpela (Space) because this Pasqavi (algae) floating in Space is Qatsi Pasiwta (Life Potential) for all things.  This Pasqavi (algae) plola (roll into a ball).  This is the Beginning of my Pasiwni (Plan) this is how I Pasiwna (Planned) my Tutskwa I’ qatsi (Land It Life Be).  Sotupwnangwu did as his Uncle instructed, he made eight Worlds (eight inside circles of Sunflower Sand Painting) for Tawa.  Sotupwnangwu said to his Uncle, “The Place of Golden Fire, the outer Petals this is the biggest Circle and It is Your Kiiva.”  Tawa accepts this Kiiva.  The petals of Sand Painting are the home of Tawa which we color like the Sun.

Next Sotupwnangwu created Kokyangwuhit (Spider Woman) because it iwas Her Power to give Life to Pasqavi (algae).  Sotupwnangwu has gathered Pasqavi and given Direction and Time to Pasqavi but it is Kokyangwuhti’s Power to give Life.  So Kokyangwuhti gather four colors of Tsivoki (soil) from Tokpela (Space) and mixed it with Her Tuqsvala (saliva) and covered it with Nuva (Snow-also called “Kokyangwuhti’s WhiteCape”) and rolled this into a snowball and this ball is the smallest white circle in the Center (Inner Circle) and the First Stage of Life.

Tuqsvala of Kokyangwuhti is not the same salvia as man, Tuqsvala of Kokyangwuhti is Spider Silk for making Her Web. For a long Time this Pasqavi is remaining in the ball of Nuva (Snow) and slowly developing.  This Inner Circle is White (because of Nuva) and is called Kokyangnguuta “Spider-Mother-Covered-Kiiva-Entrance”.  Kokyangnguuta is from Kokyangw “Spider” and Ngu- “Mother” and Nguuta “Cover for Kiva Entrance”.  It is so called because this white Inner Circle was mankind’s first Kiiva (house/village):  Kiihu (House) Kiivi (Family unit) Kiivu (Placenta).  This white Inner Circle Kokyangnguuta is the Nohu (Egg) of Kokyangwuhti, and at this Time Kokyangwuhti is no’yiti (pregnant).  It is good to understand the Inner Circle is “Kokyangwuhti’s-Spider-Egg” and this Nohu (Egg) is full of Pasqavi (algae) gathered from Tokpela (Space) and this algae is Qatsi Pasiwta (Life Potential) mixed with four colors of Tsivoki (Soil) and Tuqsvala (Saliva) of Kokyangwuhti and rolled in Nuva (Snow) and waiting for a Time to Aniwti (develop) and while all things in Her Nohu are aniw’iwyyungwa (developing) Kokyangwuhti is hatching her Nohu (Egg) and guarding over her Snow covered Nohu waiting for Titipost (babies) Aniwtipu (development).

People who dance Creation Dance are Tiitipkom (babies of Kokyangwuhti doing Creation Dance inside Her Nohu) and small DancePlaza is called Tipkya because Tipkya means Womb.  So dance participants are Tiittipkom in Kokyangwuhti’s Womb.  Kokyangwuhti is Earth Mother in Her Spider Aspect (too long to explain at this Time).  The Nohu (Egg) of Kokyangwuhti is full of Living algae (sometimes called “germs” but algae is correct) and these algae in the Nohu of Kokyangwuhti are all the different Life forms, every Life form is inside Kokyangwuhti’s Nohu at this Beginning Time (also called Her Spider Sack).

We *all developed together in Her Spider Sack rolled in snow and there is no difference between us, we *all the same: trees, clouds, all creatures.  All algae share the same Nohu and this is our First Stage and Beginning of Tawa’s Tutskwa I’ qatsi.  We came out of the First Stage into second circle (second Egg-Spider Sack) with help from Sotukwnangwu and Kokyangwuhti-Mother-of-All.  In the First Stage Kokyangwuhti was called Wisoko (Turkey-Buzzard) some are saying Koyongo (Turkey) but this is not correct.  Snow around Wisoko’s Egg is called Wishovi (Spider Web).

A good way to understand each circle inside the Sand Painting is an egg of different color and final sunflower petals is Tawa-Father-Sun, and Life forms are developing as each egg is getting warmer as it gets closer to heat of Tawa.”