The Keeper of Time

The Truth Belongs to All

“My father speaking to me when I was green: Hard Times coming for us, white men coming with open heart and hands and speaking take our Faith, here is our Savior who hung on cross and will return we build a Kiiva for you to come and worship Him.  We should make welcome and with open heart and hands we should speak: Here is our Faith.  Take our Faith, our Savior also is returning; we will build a Great Kiiva where you can worship Him.  They force us, this is not the correct way but they force because they are believing their way will save us and take us to their Heaven.  We do not force them and this is good, but we do not accept them from our hearts and we do not build a Kiiva for them but they are building many Kiivas for everyone all over this Fourth World.

My father said Taiowa will be angry and remove Land and Life from Himu Sinom because we are not giving our Faith.  Our Faith is belonging to Taiowa and those matters belonging to Taiowa we forbidden to keep and instruct by Taiowa to offer to our other color brothers and sisters.  It is spoken in the Kiiva if we do not give matters of Taiowa to all brothers and sisters Taiowa will remove our Land and Life.

My father is speaking to me; you will be in this World when these matters are happening to our people.  White brothers are offering Taiowa to us and offering True Brother to us and building Kiivas for us and we are hiding Taiowa’s matters from white brothers.  Himu Sinom will lose Land and Life if True Brother is not coming soon to kick us and making us do everything in the correct way.  I hear many Times: two ways to looking at all matters.  But I learn as many persons in this World *so many ways to be looking at everything.  I remember those words of my father whole life and my ears are aching in the Kiva of my Himu Sinom brothers and sisters because angry words are spoken.

One Time my father is speaking: We know we must build a Kiiva for all colors brothers and sisters, if we don’t do soon we will lose everything.  He speaks loudly and strongly and he is kicked from that society.  I also want to leave but he is speaking: inatko (my child from your mother) you must go into the Kiiva and be ears of your father.  When you see a chance to make Kiiva for four colors of brothers and sisters, catch that chance.  Spirit is giving to me a vision it is you who will make a Kiiva for our brothers and sisters.”

Imooyi only you can know I am just an old man not in any way a *special old man, I am native man and many white people thinking native man is always speaking wisely but I am only a man and my heart is the same as heart of any man. I am not pretend to you I am special because I am native man all Truth I know is come to me mouth to ear.  This is not alone my Truth and we cannot one man speak “This is my Truth” we can all speak “This is Truth of every person”. This is Truth of everyone this is not my Wisdom this Wisdom of Ancestors come to me mouth to ear.  I am brown is *only difference and is only skin and is only color.

Imooyi  is understand this Truth is *not just Hopi Truth and why I give this copyright to you imooyi to speak to all people “this is *your Truth” and I trust to imooyi to protect to me and not to speak my name.  Every another white person I can meet is looking at me in the way of “You are a *powerful Medicine man” and in same way they look at *every native man and never I can understand why they do like this.  Another brown man another yellow man another black man they are not look to me in the same way they look to me with open eye and listen first what is my speaking before they can think what I am.  I *never want one book is speaking about me and my name is come in that book in the way of I am a powerful Medicine man.  My heart is fix to help with this because I am *not important *message is important.”