The Keeper of Time

The Twin Warriors

“Ngungu’lawu Tutsqwa I’qatsi,

It is said there are two Warrior Serpent Brothers who guard the North and South Poles, and send vibrations to each other along the Earth’s axis. This is true, but can man accept that a Warrior may be without human form? If a man can accept that our Earth Mother who Loves and feeds us, and who has not a human form, is Alive, then a man can accept that Powerful Forces such as the Serpent Brothers Who have not human form are also Alive. Man does not *control Land and Life, man should keep Land and Life in *Balance.

The Powerful Forces of Nature control man and control Land and Life.

Are Powerful Forces of Nature Alive? Is the Tornado Alive? Does the Tornado have Power? Does the Tornado have Form and Movement? Man believes the Tornado is an “accident” of Nature, a “natural disaster”; man believes the Volcano is an “accident” of Nature. These Kyakyauna Forces are not “accidents”. The Tornado is a Living Force moving on Earth. Yes, we can say the Tornado destroys anything, which comes in Its Path, but it is not the place of man to question the Powerful Forces of Nature. It is not the place of man to question Land and Life. Tornadoes and Volcanoes only happen Time to Time, and in different Places. Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya who keep this World rotating do not move from one Place to another, they remain always one at the North Pole and the other at the South Pole. Tornadoes and Volcanoes are *visible, we can see them and we can see other Powerful Forces of Nature which man calls “natural disasters”, such as Whirlpool, Earthquake, Tidal Wave.

The Serpent Brothers Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya are also *visible, we can also *see Them, when we know where to look for. I have seen Them and I am happy I went to that Place where I can see with my own eyes the two Gods who keep Earth Mother Rotating.

To see the Serpent Brothers we must go the North Pole and South Pole and I will tell you *how to see them.


We know that Himo Sinom calls Powerful Spiral Forces “Serpents” because the Spiral is like a Coiled Serpent. Maybe fifteen years ago, a son gave me a National Geographic magazine and said with a happy face, “Look at the article in this magazine.” I read the article and I looked at my son wondering what he was trying to tell me. My son said, “A big island of ice at the North Pole is grinding slowly around in a clockwise direction.” I replied that I knew this already because Pöqanghoya is causing this Turning and at the South Pole Palöngawhoya is Turning in the opposite direction. My son said to me, “But Pöqanghoya is turning *anti-clockwise, not clockwise like the polar ice.” I explained to my son that depending from where you look at Pöqanghoya, He may be Turning anti-clockwise or clockwise. I explained: looking down from Space to Earth Pöqanghoya turns anti-clockwise, right to left. From *centre of Earth looking *up to North Pole, Pöqanghoya is turning clockwise, left to right. The same applies to Palöngawhoya at the South Pole: looking down from Space to Earth Palöngawhoya turns clockwise, left to right.

From *center of Earth looking to South Pole, Palöngawhoya is turning anti-clockwise, right to left. I remember someone said with an amazed face, “Oh yes!

When we see the weather report on television we can see from satellite pictures, the wind in the Northern Hemisphere turns in a Spiral anti-clockwise direction, and the wind in the Southern Hemisphere turns in a Spiral clockwise direction.” Scientists say the polar ice is turning clockwise because they are looking from the perspective of the centre of the Earth; if they were looking from Space like from a satellite, the polar ice would be turning anti-clockwise. Himo Sinom looks through the eyes of Kokyanwuhti, looking down from Space.

So to Himo Sinom, Pöqanghoya is Turning anti-clockwise and Palöngawhoya is Turning clockwise. My son then said, “The action of Pöqanghoya is more Powerful than that of His Brother because Pöqanghoya is moving the Arctic ice.” But the action of Palöngawhoya is equally Powerful because Palöngawhoya is causing a sea in the Antarctic to become hot. The name of the sea is the Weddell Sea. This sea is different from all other seas. In other seas, the deeper you dive, the colder the water is getting. In the Weddell Sea the opposite is happening, the deeper you dive the hotter the water. My Chinese son once sent me a clipping from a magazine saying “Scientists are diving into the Weddell sea trying to discover why the temperature of the sea is getting hotter as they dive deeper.” By His Turning, Palöngawhoya’s is causing a sea to boil, this is also very Powerful. Turning the Arctic ice and causing a sea to boil are equally Powerful.

So you may ask, is this how we see the Serpent Brothers? To see Pöqanghoya we go to the North Pole and stand on the grinding Turning Island of ice? To see Palöngawhoya we put on diving-suits and dive in the hot Weddell Sea?” This is a good way to *feel the Power of the Warrior Serpent Brothers, but there is also a way to *see the Serpent Brothers. The Spiral Force of Pöqanghoya, which turns the Arctic ice, is so Powerful it extends into Space. In other words, the Spiral Force coming from Pöqanghoya is Spiraling into Space over the North Pole and making a giant invisible Tornado going up into Space.

The same is happening in the South Pole, with His Spiral Force Palöngawhoya is making a giant invisible Tornado going up into Space. These giant invisible Tornadoes are different from other Tornadoes in two ways: First, they stay in one position, always over the Poles, never moving from Place to Place, and second, they are Turning more slowly than other Tornadoes, but always in a Spiral Motion like a giant funnel. Therefore if you go to the North Pole and stand on the Arctic ice, you will not feel or see the Tornado but you will know it is the Powerful Force which is making the Arctic ice grind and Turn and this Force is reaching up into Space.

Now I will tell you how to *see the Serpent Brothers. The Powerful Force, which is Turning the Arctic ice and heating the Weddell Sea produces Energy. Sometimes these invisible Tornadoes are able to be seen when the Energy they produce causes Lights in the sky. Man calls these Lights the Northern and Southern Lights (Auroras) and these Lights are wonderful to see. I found a wonderful picture of Pöqanghoya on the Internet.

On this picture we can see Pöqanghoya as a *Double Serpent, this is a wonderful Symbol showing why Himo Sinom calls the Warrior Serpent Brothers “Twins”. This is not a Hopi “legend”; this is a Universal and Scientific Truth. It is said that when Purification Time comes the Serpent Brothers will stop Turning, this is also not a Hopi “legend”, it is a Universal and Scientific Truth. It is said the Serpent Brothers keep this World Rotating, this is also a Universal and Scientific Truth.

When Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya stop Turning, the Earth will stop Rotating and this will be a Time for Great Changes.

What will happen when the Serpent Brothers stop Turning and the Earth stops Rotating?

This is another telling. But we must not be afraid, this has happened six Times before and this coming Purification is the last Purification.

Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya are the first Created Sons of Kokyanwuhti, how did Kokyanwuhti Create Her Serpent Sons Who keep our Earth Mother Rotating? Kokyanwuhti has a Heart, Earth Mother has a Heart, and from Kokyanwuhti’s Heart she created Her two Sons. This is also a Universal and Scientific Truth and another telling. *Tutskwa I’qatsi ‘Itam Tutskwa Nit Qatsi Suntutskwatavi Ngu’yungwa.”