The Keeper of Time

True Brother

“In a good way I say to you, True Brother is a person, not a way to preserve traditions or rebirth of Old Ways.  Hopi is waiting for return of a person, same as others who wait for return of Jesus Christ or Buddha.  Some Time ago I was talking with an Indian Priest (meaning a Priest from subcontinent of India), he seems to me a good and honest man. He talked this Time (Era) being special to Indian people and called this Time Kaliyog (his spelling not mine).  So this is my thought: is anyone saying to Christians or Indians or Chinese, “Is Jesus or Krishna or Buddha any kind of concept such as a way to preserve traditions or do you wait for the return of a person?”

True Brother is *exactly Masau wearing coat of skin and come to save us.  Some may be thinking “Save us from what?”  This is another telling, but with one heart I speak to my family here, Masau will not be wearing coat of skin and coming to this World to be with us if we are safe.  We are small children to Masau, small child is only safe when holding the hand of Mother and Father, try to walk alone and may fall off Mesa Edge.

Small child may walking up to sleeping Mountain Lion and want to give love because Mountain Lion is beautiful, when child is touching that beautiful mountain lion it is last touch of that child.  All beautiful things are not safe.  We all like to see Lightning but not to stand under Lightening.  We all like to sitting close to Fire but Fire is making our legs hot we move a little away from Fire.  Matters are coming soon we may think this matter is beautiful because we are children, Masau coming to making sure we are not touching those beautiful looking *dangerous matters we never saw before because they only coming at End Time.

Hopi waits for the return of a Savior person, like others do.  Hep owi, Hopi waits for the return of a Savior person, this must be very clear or confusion will arise in the mind.  Maybe the question is “Is True Brother a person?” is because other savior people have names such as “Jesus” “Buddha” “Krishna” and generally Hopi calls Hopi Savior “Pahana” (“Anglo” or “European”), there is a name for True Brother, but this name is secret.

The name Pookonhoya is used for True Brother in some places but it is not accurate.  Toviwhoya means “Twin” Pooqwangw means “Older Twin” Pooqwangw also means “Capable One”.  Hopi waits for the Capable *One (my emphasis means it is One Being, not a concept).  The word Pooqwangw is not a simple word, Poola means “humped”- angwe means several things, for example “come from” and “one of two” (sometimes wrongly used as “second” even by Hopis) aangqwti means “give life to” (I think is the Anglo word), Kiva dances are called Angqwtikiva “Revival Dances”.

I would like to say the True name, because I think all people should know the True name, but I cannot speak too much because there is so much politics going around my place- some will say already I have said too much.  For now I think Pooqwangw (pronounced something like Pye-yew-kwangw) is better than “Pahana” which means only “Anglo” or “European” because there is meaning to Pooqwangw and it is a correct and more accurate reference to True Brother. I say these things in a good way and I ask that you take no offence.  True name will be known by everyone soon.   I am sure Pooqwangw, the Capable One, wants all who hope for the Return to know True name.