The Keeper of Time

The Sacred Heart

“The “Earth” Mother takes her name from her Sacred “Heart”, the Earth Core. Among the many names of the Earth Core is “Aeon” Father of Time. Over time (over the “Aeons”) the Earth and her Heart/Core have been worshipped one God, or as two separate (and yet inseparable) Gods; when the Father Sun is included they are worshipped as a Trinity (Three Gods).

As Kor/Aeon (and a multitude of different names), the Earth Core is “God the Son” as Ceres and Kore (and again, a multitude of different names) the Earth Core is “The Holy Virgin” and “The Immaculate Heart” of the Earth Mother. After centuries of revising canonical books, nearly every trace of Earth Mother and her Immaculate Heart has been removed from Christian literature, but to the scholarly and discerning eye the Divine Earth and her Immaculate Core/Heart are very present.

Gnostic scriptures cast off the revised cannon and reverted to the older texts, accordingly “Eve Earth Mother” not only created “Adam Core Son” but Adam was the very soul “within his mother”. Some Gnostic texts reverse this order and say that “Eve The Virgin” is the soul within “Adam the Farther”, either way they understood the concept of a God within a God, i.e. the Heart within the Mother.

Gnostic texts state that Adam could not exist without “power from Earth Mother” and “Earth Mother is she who creates all creatures and works at them, she who set Adam up in his own perfect temple (her womb) and enlightened him on the origin of his deficiency, and showed him his ascent.” Adam’s deficiency is this Gnostic sense, was “light”, as he was contained in the darkness within the Earth Womb/Cave.

Porphyry said “before there were temples, all religious rites took place in caves.” The cave was, and is, universally identified with the womb of Earth Mother, the place for birth and regeneration. Etruscan and Roman temples featured a subterranean “mundus” literally “Earth” and “Womb”. The Sanskrit word for a sanctuary if “garbha- grha” literally “womb”. Through Earth Mother’s intervention Adam was able to separate from her “ascend from her womb” and rise above the Dark imposed on him. Holy “Gombas” (holy hermitages) were first established in underground caves representing the Earth Yoni.

By the Gnostic route came the Midrashic assertion that Adam and Eve (Earth and Core) were originally androgynous, Like Shiva and Shakti. He dwelt in her, and she dwelt in him, they were two Gods united in one body. To sustain his own life, and the life of all creatures, the Sun God tore the Divine Couple apart. To sustain his life and that of humans, animals and plants, the Sun God deprived the androgynous Earth and Core of their blissful union. Cabalists said that Eden could only be regained when the two Gods (Earth and Core) are once more united: the male Kor must be united with his female counterpart Earth or mankind would not achieve Paradise. The androgynous Gods could only be united within the body of the Sun God.

In one Gnostic version the Sun God expels the androgynous pair from paradise because he finds them unworthy of union within him. “For your children have sinned against you and sinned against me. ” He has union with the innocent younger sister of “Eve ” (also named Eve) and with her he has two sons (divine Twins) variously named “Javeh” and “Elohim”, “Cain” and “Abel”, “Phobos” and “Deimos” (the divine Twins have many names). Eve’s first child “Javeh/Phobos” ruled over the male elements of fire and air, and her second child “Elohim/Deimos” ruled over the female elements of earth and water. Some of the old sacred books, such as the Apocalypse of Adam stated that Adam/Core/ Aeon and Eve/Earth were created together by the “Sun Father” but Eve/Earth was superior to Adam/Core/ Aeon. The same books attribute Eve/Earth with creating only the physical body/shell of mankind whereas Adam/Core/ Aeon is considered to have breathed life into all of Eve’ s creations.

Other books consider Adam/Core/ Aeon to be the single creator God and attribute to Eve only the creation of the empty physical shell: “Eve wrought within her the glory of the Aeon from which we all came forth.” Some books claim it was not Father Sun, but it was Mother Earth/Eve who gave Adam/ Aeon his soul and brought him into existence. It was Mother Earth/Eve who cast out her evil children and forced them to live away from her as dark angels. She, as the Mother had judged the children she created and found them guilty, and destroyed them (Robinson).

Christianity projected mans fear of death onto the Mother image and Father God (Father Sun) took preeminence. The un-canonical scripture pictured Earth Mother as the defender of mankind against the Sun deity. In this portrayal Father Sun condemns the evil children to leave his domain and dwell forever in dark cold away from the Sun. The depiction of a condemning Father had more adherents in the early Christian centuries than the picture that is now familiar. One of Christianity’s best-kept secrets is that the Mother of All Living, the Creatrix who chastised her evil children, and condemned them to the dark, is Earth Mother.”