The Keeper of Time

In His Image

Creation_of_man_Prometheus_Berthelemy_Louvre_INV20043_n2“God created man in His Image… how these words have been misinterpreted by those that would elevate themselves to the status of their Creator(s) “the Earth Mother and Her Heart/Core”!  “Imago” and “imagination” from which “image” and “imagination” is derived, means “a mental image” not “similar to”. God created man from a thought, a mental image, formed in His Mind.

“In His Image He created them” over time the word “Imago” or “Image” has been distorted until it has taken on the meaning of “likeness” or “similarity”. “God created man in His Image”, even the superficial meaning is very clear, “God created man in His imagination” or “God created man from a mental thought”. More accurately “God created man from an Idea in His Mind”.

Mankind’s “appearance” originated as an “Idea” formed in the Earth’s Mind/Soul/Ab. God created us from an “image” in His “Mind”, along with all the other “ideas” God used to create things in the material world. The “Ab” or the “Idea” (“Idea” translates literally into “Inner God”) is “World Soul” or “Earth Soul” which “thought mankind into being”.

Thus mankind is not a God look-alike, instead we summarize/epitomize/condense God “thoughts”. We are His thoughts made flesh. His thought, or His Idea was formed in His Mind, and from this Idea we manifested/came into existence. Keeping in mind the female gender is always attributed to Earth Mother, while the male gender is attributed to the inner Mind/Soul, the male “Imago” formed an “idea” (idea -literally God within) of mankind and His “idea” gained shape/form/substance out of the material body of the female “Maya” (Materia).

Mankind has become so lost in his search as to identify himself (not WITH but) AS his Creator. Man has become lost somewhere along the way in his quest to bring himself to perfection. Unable to bring himself to perfection, man toys with the idea that he is a deity, or worse, that he is the one and only Deity! As long as he focuses on his own Divinity, man can’t achieve his perfection. To think that he is God, rather than to “at one” (atone) with the spark of God within us, is a colossal trick of the Ego (I use the term “Ego” in the sense “arrogant self”). A great many philosophers contributed to man’ s confusion, as did some psychologists and psychiatrists, by distorting the meaning of words.

Mankind’s quest for perfection took a giant leap backwards when Freud used the term “Id” to convey a biological (animalistic) metaphor. “Id”, from “Idea” translates literally into “God Within”. Psychoanalytical writers abused this word when they reduced it to a descriptive device. Freud himself was quite clear about his unfortunate rendering of “Id”, “The concept of the Id should be used only as a descriptive characterization of a system of actions and behaviors.”

Suddenly the “Id” in “Idea” was disassociated from “Ab” (Soul/Mind). Whereas “Ab” remained “Mind/Soul”, the “Id” became animalistic in its nature. While some writers maintained the “Id” as being “the deepest component of the Psyche, the True Unconscious” others put forward the “Id” “the pleasure principle” and “the ultimate hedonist.” From being the “Idea/Mind” (Inner God) the keyboards of psychoanalytical writers bent the “Id” out of shape into “pleasure principle/body.” The proponents of “Id” as “body” voiced their opinions that the “Id” (as they conceived it) “is selfish and bent on achieving its own aims.” It was a short step from this to: “the major part of the ego’s function is the, task of restraining the selfish and single-minded Id.”

From Freud we inherited “ego has to control the selfish Id”. People have said… “that man is on Earth primarily to find God”…. As it turns out, we don’t have to look very far! She’s everywhere! People have gone on to say, “and to manifest the divinity that is already within him (man).”

The word “Manifest” is derived from the old form “manu fe stus” or “man in flesh”, or more accurately, “moon in flesh”. From “festus” “in the flesh” we go to “festive”, “festival” and “Feast” (celebratory meal belonging to the holidays). “Holidays” literally means “holy days” while “Days” comes to us from the Aryan “devi” or “deva” which means “Deity” or “Deus” “God”. Thus “manifest” means “to feast and celebrate the realization of God’s (Manu’s) “Idea” which He formed in His “Mind” and which was made corporeal by Her (Earth’s) Body.

In other words Let us celebrate their “Idea” which brought us into being as their “Moon children” (Man kinder): mankind.”