The Keeper of Time


“Maya” das Ewig-Weibliche, is “She who ate and tempted her Consort to eat and is Herself the apple which He, Her Core, ate.” It is western philosophy, which confuses “Maya” Mother of Buddha with nebulous concepts such as “Maternal Principle of Spirit”. Eastern philosophy is more straightforward; a Mahayana text says, “Of all the forms of Earth, Maya is the most important”.

“Maya” is another name of Earth Mother in her Virgin Aspect. As “Maya” Earth Mother gave birth to “Buddha the Enlightened One”. Maya is not ‘duality”, it is literally “Magic” and a title of Earth Mother as the creatress of all things made of “matter” (“matter” and “material” literally “from the mother”). Maya as Earth Mother created all things “material” and perceptible to the senses. As “Maya” (“Maia” to the Greeks) Earth was the Mother of Hermes the “Enlightened One” (Like Buddha the Enlightened One).

Sometimes “Maya’s” partner was “Volcanus” (Great Hephaestus, the divine fire-god). Hindu’s said “Agni” the fire-god was the consort of “Maya”.  Buddhists claimed Maya “hatched” Buddha through an opening in her side and a few days after his hatching Maya “died of Joy”. “Maya” remains alive and well in Calcutta to this day where she is worshipped as Earth Mother in her Maya-Kali aspect. Some western scholars have tried to interpret “Maya” as “Earth Mother’s Shakti” (maternal energy), because through Maya “creatures are given flesh”.   Zimmer said “Maya Shakti is the Mother of the Ultimate Hidden Being (Mystery Egg) and she provides life’s tangible reality by giving all things flesh” he also said “Maya Shakti is Eve Earth Mother, She who endows all things with physical form.”

Maya’s son, Buddha entered into his samadhi under Maya’s sacred fig tree, which sheltered him from bad weather. On his return from his samadhi (soul journey) Buddha accepted a dish of curds from a maiden on Full Moon Day in the month of May, this was his first symbolic act and proof his relationship with the Hidden Moon, and this date the most auspicious on the Buddhist calendar, and marks the greatest of Buddhist festivals. Not only the month (moon-th) of May, but many other traditions, names and concepts attest Earth Mother as Maya.

She was “Maia” Mother of Hermes, “Maga” Mother of Cu Chulainn, “Almaya” literally “The World” with the second meaning of “Time” ( from whence we get “Almanac”). She was Maga or Maj the Earth in her Maiden aspect in Scandinavia. Both the Hindu “Maya” who created flesh at the dawn of time, and the Scandinavian “Maga ” personified the pregnant Earth Womb before the beginning “Ginnungagap” of mankind.”