The Keeper of Time


Without a shadow of doubt the governments of the world, in particular the United States government, have been communicating and cooperating with aliens for decades.

But whereas the aliens know precisely who they are dealing with, human government officials do not know who they are dealing with.

Aliens who come to Earth and interact with humans are dangerous and they are liars. They say and do anything to achieve their agenda and humans do not know whether what they are saying is true or false.

They do not want humans to know that their biology has stagnated- entirely through their own wrong doing -and they are therefore without a home planet.

  1. So the first lie is to say they come from another planet when, in fact, they are space dwellers. After their first lie, “We come from another planet”, their lies roll out fast and thick.
  2. The second lie is to tell humans they are an ‘advanced’ race. They are NOT.

They rejected Nature and Nature has rejected them. No planet in the Universe wants a species that has rejected its own planet. No Solar System wants a species that has rejected Nature.

The Solar System that formed them thrust them out long ago. They have been biologically adapted to live in cold, dark space.

The human body is adapted to exist under the force of gravity, and absence of gravity causes the human vertebrae to stretch, but almost all of the increase in length is lost on return to the gravitational effect of the Earth. After almost a year on the International Space Station Scott Kelly’s spine stretched about two inches, but when he returned to Earth in March 2016 gravity pushed his vertebrae back together and his strong bones withstood the pressure.

The Nephilim body is adapted to exist away from the force of gravity. Nephilim bones are jelloid, rubbery and flexible, more like cartilage than dense bone. Cartilage is resilient but it is not as rigid and unyielding as bone. When the weak Nephilim skeletal frame is exposed to gravity it bends and buckles and spurts and degenerates rapidly.

They come to Earth to fight extinction, but when they come to Earth their bodies are assaulted by gravity.

Under normal circumstances gravity would thrust them away but their suits anchor them to the surface of the Earth, subjecting them to the ravages of gravity and in response to gravity their feeble bones undergo abnormally rapid growth spurts.  The nephilim are a vile, deformed backwards species with ancient technology.

The image on the left is an above ground view of an under-ground nephilim (fallen humans) base.

The cables enclosed in the yellow circle are to offset gravity because nephilim cannot survive Earth’s gravity.  They are space-dwellers (which is why they have many physical deformities).

The nephilim were once humans with a home planet.  They left their home planet to travel in space and were therefore cast out of the Solar System.

When they left their planet to explore space they underwent rapid cataplasia.  They are a devolving species. The nephilim are far behind humanity in biological development.

The fueling station in the Gobi Desert is not of their making.  They could not possibly produce it.

The figure 8 patterns on the ground are made by spacecrafts refueling.  By moving in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, in a figure of 8, a spacecraft draws positive and negative energy from the Earth and packs it into compressors in the hull.

The Earth rotates from the West towards the East and the Core of the Earth rotates in the opposite direction:  from the East towards the West.  This determines how a spacecraft lands on Earth.

The Earth’s nerve centre, located in the top left corner of the image below, is providing energy to their fueling station.

It is forbidden for a politician to say, “I am warning the world that the ‘aliens’ (demons) are here.  You must not trust them.  They are blood-sucking , nocturnal vampires who will rip out your liver and eat it.”

The demons need a politician to announce them and they do not mind if the politician warns the world against them.  They have laid their groundwork through Hollywood for people to be insatiably curious about them. 

When a politician speaks in a whisper people strain their ears to hear what he has to say, so the politician’s message, “They are here”, would fly around the world and be heard everywhere within 24 hours, but people have been encouraged to feel curious and excited about ‘aliens’ and to their terrible detriment they will be curious to see them and hear them to make up their own minds.

The politician knows very well the first part of his message, “They are here”,  will excite great curiosity and the second part, “They will rip out your liver and eat it” will fall on deaf ears.