The Keeper of Time

Anything that did not originate on this Earth does not belong on this Earth.

What makes anyone think the aliens who come to Earth are “advanced”?  Technology?
Is that how one would judge whether a race is superior?

The difference between terrestrials and non-terrestrials is simple: terrestrials inhabit planets whereas non-terrestrials inhabit outer space.  There are not several different species of ‘aliens’ running amok on Earth.  There are not different ‘species’ of ‘aliens’ who have different planetary origins.  The situation is more simple than you think it is.  The entities whom you regard as ‘aliens’ are all ‘non-terrestrials’, in as much as none of them inhabit ‘terra firma’.  Humans are terrestrial beings, we inhabit ‘terra firma’.  We are not the only terrestrials in the Universe, there are others.  Terrestrials do not leave their terra firma and embark on space travel to occupy the terra firma of other terrestrials. 

The most common reason for a race to abandon its planet is because it has been lied to by an earlier fallen race.  Fallen races face extinction.  When a fallen race is on the brink of extinction it becomes desperate to replenish its gene pool and it approaches a human population with an offer to trade technology for humans. 

Another reason a race abandons its planet is because its geneticists have learned how to clone humans.  The geneticist begin to clone body types with the intention of producing a population of masters and slaves.  It quickly becomes apparent that clones lack natural instincts-natural instincts are an essential part of intelligence-consequently, clones are mentally inferior to their donors.  Geneticists quickly learn that they cannot produce an intelligent population.  Another dangerous consequence of cloning is the rapid infertility that occurs when a natural populace is forbidden to reproduce: infertility is quickly followed by extinction.

When geneticist become aware of the devastating effect of their work, they search for a fresh supply of natural human donors.  They approach the governing bodies of a natural populace and offer to trade technology for biology.  Shockingly, some governments are willing to trade humans for technology.  Quote from Dr. Bordon (Head of Lockheed Martin Reverse Engineering Division)…

Nephilim are able to convince indigenous people that they’re ‘gods’ because they arrive in spaceships: “We come from the stars!  We are your gods!”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Nephilim fell from the grace of God.  They were cast out and condemned to live in the cold, dark Pit of outer space.  

Matthew 25:30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Numbers 16:33 They, and all the appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished from among the assembly.

The Nephilim, who learned the value of Biology and Nature by losing Biology and Nature, have taught man how to become outcasts. The Nephilim were cast out of the Solar System because of their abominable conduct.  The accursed things crept back and tried to convince man, by means of their technology, that they are ‘gods’.  And man was impressed. 

In a world where people have so many questions, answers aren’t always forthcoming.  It’s very frustrating.  “Is there a God?”  “What’s the meaning of life?”  “Is there life after death?” “Who am I?”  “Do I have a purpose?”  You have questions but where do you look for answers?  Do you have to go somewhere?  Should you go to India?  Perhaps an Indian guru can answer your questions?  Should you go to China?  Perhaps a Buddhist bhikkhu has the answers?  If you’ve traveled the Earth and you haven’t found the answers you’ve been searching for, you may find yourself staring up at the stars, wondering if you come from a different planet.  You may even hope a spaceship will land near you and an alien will take you home.  

You are not an alien. The Earth is your home.  The answers are right here on Earth.

I can’t overemphasize the danger of searching for answers among the stars.  If you haven’t been able to find answers to your questions about life right here on the planet you are familiar with, the planet that was home to your parents and their parents before them, why do you expect to find answers to your questions in an alien world?  Be enormously thankful that you are a human. 

Imagine you are staring up at the sky and a spacecraft lands near to you; a group of smiling, humanoid aliens approach and say, “We are here to take you home.”  Would you really go with them to some unknown point in space?  Do you have children?  Have you ever told your children not to get into a car with strangers?  Why then are you willing to get into a spacecraft with aliens?  Aliens are more deadly than human strangers.

Why would anyone who’d warn a child against getting into a car and going off into the unknown with a stranger think it was safe to get into a spaceship and take off into the unknown with aliens?  Would a stranger take the child back home if the child cried and said, “I’ve changed my mind and I want to go home to my mummy”?  What makes you think aliens would bring you back home if you changed your mind?  Everyone knows that a stranger who takes a child into his car intends to harm the child.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that aliens are exceedingly dangerous.

My best and strongest advice to you is that you stop staring up at the stars, wondering whether you may come from another planet.  You are human.  The answers to all your questions can be found here, on your home planet, the Earth.  You are human, your children are human, your parents were human, your grandparents were human, you belong on Earth.  The answers to your questions are right here on Earth, but they have been hiddenThere are hostile entities on Earth who don’t want you to have the answers.  Some of those entities are humans; some resemble humans, but are aliens; some are aliens who bear no resemblance to humans.  So, let’s establish one fact and then you can move on: the answers do not lie among the stars.  On the contrary, for the most part, the answers have been hidden by aliens.