The Keeper of Time

Why would anyone lie about
how the Moon was formed?

Fake news is not the only form of propaganda.

Fake science is another form of propaganda you are exposed to, for example, the origin of craters on the Moon.  The true origin of lunar craters has been known, but covered-up, for a very long time. 

True science is covered-up for the same reason true news is covered up:  to keep you in the dark about real events unfolding in the world.  There is a dangerous element that benefits by your lack of knowledge.

Why would anyone want to cover-up the truth about lunar craters? 
What would be their purpose?

The origin of the craters on the Moon may seem unimportant, but it is the first step on a journey that reveals many hidden truths:

Knowing the truth about how the Moon was formed unlocks many of Nature’s ‘mysteries’ and leads to many “Aha!” moments.  However, there is a very dark element in the world whose purpose is served by keeping humans afraid of Nature.  The dark evil element does not want you to discover the magnificent truth about your destiny.


Where did the Moon come from?

How was the Moon formed? 
Why is the surface of the Moon covered in baked rocks?

It takes temperatures between 1,100 and 2,400° Fahrenheit to melt rock into magma.  Cooled, solidified magma is called ‘igneous rock’.

The Moon’s surface is wrapped, end-to-end, in a thick blanket of solidified magma, therefore, at some point in its existence the Moon was hot enough to melt rock!

There are several theories for how the Moon came into existence.  Any theory that explains where the Moon came from and how it formed must also explain why the surface of the Moon is covered in solidified magma (igneous rock).

We have been lied to...

The Fission Theory

The Fission Theory proposes that the Moon broke off from the Earth (at the Pacific Ocean basin) early in the history of the Solar System.

The Fission Theory

However, the Fission Theory does not explain the great heat the Moon was subjected to at some point during its formation.

The Capture Theory

The Capture Theory proposes that the Moon was formed somewhere else in the Solar System and was captured by the gravitational field of the Earth.

The Capture Theory

However, the Capture Theory does not have an explanation for the great heat that has acted on the Moon.

Condensation Theory

This theory proposes that the Moon and the Earth condensed individually from the Nebula that formed the Solar System, and then the Moon formed in orbit around the Earth.

Condensation Theory

As with the Fission and Capture Theories, the Condensation Theory does not explain the baked material that covers the Moon.




Our Moon

Mercury, the Moon, Deimos and Phobos, these (and others in the Solar System) were formed in the blazing hot interior of planets.  Each of these were ejected from a planet and settled in space not too far from where it was formed.  Hot, spluttering magma cooled.  Bubbles burst forming craters. Bubbles that cooled without bursting formed domes.  Today they are coated in a deep blanket of material that was once searing hot liquid magma.  These craters were formed by great heat, NOT by meteoritic impact. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.

The craters on the Moon were not caused by meteoric impact,
they were caused by outgassing.

Cement Outgassing

Moon Outgassing

Leslie Parkes received no recognition for his proposal that the lunar craters were formed by outgassing, instead his proposal has been buried under an avalanche of fake science.  (Moon Theory by Leslie R. Parkes: New Scientist Magazine March 25, 1996)

In an article that appeared in New Scientist on July 6, 2013, Wim Van Westrenen, a planetary scientist at VU University, Amsterdam proposed that the Moon was the ejected Core of the Earth.  Van Westrenen’s theory is also predicated upon the Moon having been a super hot body that cooled quickly in space.  He believes that there must have been a ‘massive energy kick’ delivered quickly and he calculates that the explosion was the strength of 40 billion atomic bombs the size of those dropped on Hiroshima.

The explanation comes closer than any other, but it’s not exact.  The Moon was not born from an explosion. No nuclear blast.  When a Core becomes too heavy to be contained inside a planet, it is birthed through a naturally formed ‘melt hole’ (Sea Door) in the ice.  A planet does not explode to eject a Core.  It was pushed out through a naturally formed opening in a sea-bed.

Job 38:8 Who shut up the sea door when it broke forth as if it had issued out of the womb?

Even the material evidence of igneous lunar rocks brought back by Apollo 11, i.e. lunar rocks that were formed from cooled magma, has not made a dent in the fake science of the Impact Theory.  All correct theories are swiftly buried because it is essential to fake science that the true nature of the lunar craters is never revealed.  Revealing the true nature of the lunar craters would go on to reveal the true nature of the Solar System.  The Moon was a blazing hot Core, awash with magma, before it became a ‘Moon’.  When the Moon was in its Core phase, temperatures ranged from about 7,952 degrees Fahrenheit to about 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit.  Before it became a ‘Moon’, it was the ‘Foundation-Stone’ of a planet.

Before it became a Moon, it was a Core.

The Foundation-Stone of Earth

A Baby Swaddled in Clouds

A Sea-Door opens and the Cornerstone bursts out of the Earth’s womb.

Job 38:8-9

Who shut the sea-door when the Foundation Stone burst forth from the womb and I made clouds the garment thereof and thick darkness a swaddlingband?