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Global Warming

Climate is warming *naturally* in the entire Solar System, but if you expect to hear this from NASA, don't hold your breath!

Evidence that CO2 is not the driver of warming on Earth is provided by the simultaneous warming of other planets in our  Solar System, despite the fact that they obviously have no anthropogenic (human impact) emissions of greenhouse gases.  Mars, Jupiter, and all the other planets in the Solar System show evidence of global warming, pointing to the Sun as the dominating influence in determining ‘climate change’ throughout the Solar System.  The Sun is cooling down and as it cools it dilates, expending even more heat.  The expended heat causes warming on all the planets in the Solar System.  As the Sun cools down it expands and disperses more heat throughout the Solar System.

Earth’s Climate Changes Naturally And Things Are No Different Now.

Geological records stretching back millions of years illustrate a number of large variations in Earth’s climate.  Over the last 800,000 years, there have been natural cycles in the Earth’s climate.  There have been ice ages and warmer interglacial periods.  These have always been caused by natural factors such as changes in the Sun and changes in the Earth’s orbit.  And both of these events are taking place now.  The Sun is the primary source of heat in the Solar System, so relatively small changes in solar output can affect the atmosphere of all the planets.  When we consider climate change, we need to see a change in heat output and two forces are driving the change:

There is a great deal of money to be made by claiming that CO2 emissions are causing global warming, but the fact is, the entire Solar System is undergoing ‘global’ warming and mankind inhabits only this one planet: Earth. So what is causing the warming that’s taking place on the other planets?  Since all the planets in the Solar System are warming up, obviously it is being caused by the Sun.  So why is the United Nations making such a big issue of global warming here on Earth? For the same reason they do everything else:  Fear tactics + Money. 

Global Warming also comes from within:

Heat at the Earth’s Core contributes to global warming. All planets have Cores that generate internal heat. We live on a thin crust that floats on an ocean of molten rock and metal.

The temperature at the Earth’s Core is over 6000 degrees Celsius, as hot as the surface of the Sun, and we have to factor in any changes in the Core’s heat output to understand how the Earth’s climate is regulated. The Earth’s interior is giving off 44 TW of heat energy; the population of the Earth only consumes 15 TW. The temperature inside the Earth is rising and causing the temperatures outside the Earth to rise.

Why do some scientists claim that human activity is causing climate change?  The main answer is fearmongering, but there is also an element of ignorance.  It’s easier and less time consuming to explain true science than it is to explain and remove false information because disseminators of fake science are embedded in the science publishing system.  What are the qualifications of the ‘scientists’ who claim that human activity has been the dominant cause of Global Warming since the mid-20th century?  Geological records stretching back thousands of years prove that there have been several large variations in Earth’s past climate.  The records show that past changes have been caused by natural factors, such as changes in the Sun and the Earth’s orbit.  Climate Change is natural and NOT caused by human activity.  Climate change is caused by *natural* forces unfolding inside the Earth, although it may sound scary to think of the heat and magma under our feet, it’s all very normal and there is nothing to fear.  

Powerful forces are at work 5000 kilometers below Earth’s surface, but even though the Core is acting in ways that scientists can’t explain, I’d not call the actions ‘strange’.  The Core is drawing iron from its molten surroundings and crystallizing it into solid metal and whereas that alone may not “account for a number of odd observations”, the Core is NOT melting.  The Core, a solid ball of mostly iron 1200 kilometers across, is formed inside the Earth’s blazing interior because heavy elements sink.  True, “It’s been growing slowly ever since.” Also true, “Scientists speculate that the Core gets bigger as it absorbs and hardens molten iron from the liquid outer layer.  From this point onward, the ‘science’ becomes guesswork and in the case of a ‘melting Core’ the guesswork is wrong.  The Core is not melting;  it’s growing by drawing metal from its molten surroundings.

Climate change is caused by forces unfolding inside the Earth:

1. Differentiation
2. Friction
3. Heat


Denser material sinks into the center and less dense material rises toward the surface. As a result of denser material sinking into the center of the Earth- the Core then gets bigger and heavier.


The Earth rotates eastward (counter-clockwise) and the Core rotates westward (clockwise). When two objects moving in opposite directions slide against each other they cause friction.


Friction produces heat, e.g. rubbing two pieces of wood together can generate enough heat  to start a fire. Great heat is produced inside the Earth where the eastward rotating Earth rubs against the westward rotating Core.

Friction occurs at the interface between two solid bodies rotating in opposite directions.  Friction causes heat.  There’s a lot of confusion about what moves in which direction inside the Earth, BUT it is now agreed that there is opposing movement.  There is however, still a great deal of confusion among scientists as to what exactly is unfolding inside the Earth. It would aid understanding if scientists would stop referring to an ‘inner core’ and an ‘outer core’.  The Earth has one Core and it confuses the science to refer to molten rock and metal (magma) surrounding the Core of the Earth as an ‘outer core’.

“Now, researchers at the University of Leeds in England have found a common link between the two rotations by creating a computer model that shows how the rotation of Earth’s magnetic field can both pull the liquid outer core in a westerly direction while also exerting on opposite force on the inner core that causes an easterly rotation.”

Provided that our mantle correction is accurate, this comparison implies a westward inner-core rotation of 0.3 degrees per year.

Gabi Laske & Guy Masters

Professor Gabi Laske & Professor Guy Masters findings are correct.  The solid ‘inner-core’ does indeed rotate westward (clockwise).  I have used the above quotes only for the purpose of showing that it is scientifically accepted that opposing rotation takes place inside the Earth.  Having used the above quote to make a point I have to add that the reason given for why there is opposing rotation inside the Earth is NOT accurate.  It is incorrect to think of the magma surround the Core of the Earth as being an ‘outer core’.  The Earth has one Core.  That which scientists refer to as the ‘inner core’ is the only Core of the Earth.  It confuses the facts to refer to the magma surrounding the Core as an ‘outer core’.

Climate Change is unfolding throughout the entire Solar System and it is a NATURAL phenomenon.

The Earth’s Core is growing and as it grows, like a fire, it releases more heat.  The effect of the increasing heat caused by the growth of the Core is experienced on the surface of the Earth as ‘Global Warming’. Enormous changes unfolding inside the Earth have an unavoidable and undeniable effect on the surface of the Earth, one of the effects is ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ is another. It is an indisputable fact that the heat inside the Earth is rising, even so, there are scientists with an agenda, who try to refute this fact.

Our home, the Earth, is not the only Planet experiencing ‘global warming’; every Planet in the Solar System is experiencing ‘global warming’.  But don’t hold your breath waiting to hear the TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in mainstream science, because, like mainstream media news, it’s fake.  Fake science is thick with lies about the reason for Pluto’s and the other planets global warming.  The truth has been covered-up and the internet is either silent or swarming with ‘convincing’ lies.

The discovery of the Weddell Sea “Melt Hole” was a major setback for fear-mongers who want to convince us that we are responsible for climate change.  There’s no easy way to convince us that ‘anthropogenic CO2 emissions’ (human activity) formed a volcanic mountain range under Antarctica’s Weddell Sea ice!

There’s a very dark element that doesn’t want the truth to be revealed.  The Nephilim know why the ice is melting, but they don’t want you to know!  They know all the Planets in our Solar system are undergoing ‘global warming’ and they know it is not related to human activity.  After all, humans are not responsible for the warming taking place on Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. They don’t want you to know WHY global warming is taking place throughout the Solar System because they are waiting for the time when they can use this knowledge to make you panic.  They want to keep the Truth hidden and spring it on you when it works to their advantage.  It’s all about scare tactics and panic mongering.  If you know what is really unfolding on Earth and on the other planets in the Solar System you won’t be afraid and they will lose their advantage.


The Earth does not have an inner-core and an outer-core.  The Earth has one Core and that which is often referred to as an outer-core is magma.  A thick layer of magma surrounds the Core at the interface between the Mantle and the Core.  The magma is the result of the opposite direction of rotation of the Earth and the Core.  The Earth rotates eastward and the Core rotates westward.  The fact is that climate change is caused by global warming.   Global Warming is caused by the Earth’s increasing internal heat and the Earth’s increasing internal heat is inevitably and naturally causing changes in global climate patterns.

Tell your children the simple truth about climate change:

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Nature is in complete control!