The Keeper of Time

You don’t have to look far to see that the world has been in a state of decline for several years, but you may not understand how everything became dark and terrible so quickly.
Abolish Freemasonry and Tyranny Will End
If you can get your head around the fact that Zionist billionaires serve very dark aliens, your search for the Truth will be off to a good start.

How did the world sink into such a deplorable state?

Is it the fault of the politicians? Is Bill Gates to blame?  Is Klaus Schwab to blame?  Are the Rockefellers to blame?  Yes, those are some of the men responsible for the terrible mess we are in, but in the grand scheme of things, those men are only minnows and minnows are at the bottom of the food chain.  The Zionist billionaires are bigger fish and in the search for the root cause of the world’s problems, the Zionist billionaires make a good starting point.  To understand why the world is in such a terrible state of turmoil you need to know that we are engaged in a very cunning soft-war with aliens, their Zionist servants and Freemason politicians.

The set-up works like this:  The aliens communicate their instructions to the Zionists who control Freemasonry.  The Zionists communicate the alien’s instructions to Freemason politicians.  Freemason politicians take blood oaths to obey their Freemason ‘worshipful masters’.  Freemason politicians are, effectively, slaves to their ‘worshipful masters’.  If they don’t obey, they can be killed.

You don’t have to encumber your mind with the complexities of the ‘Shadow Government’ or the ‘Hidden Government’.  You don’t have to encumber your mind with questions about whether certain intelligence agencies or spy agencies are our enemies.  You don’t have to encumber you mind with thoughts about whether the FBI, the CIA, MI5, Five Eyes or the many different think tanks are our enemies.  Undoubtedly all those groups have been penetrated by Freemasons and knowingly or unknowingly all those Masons are working for the Zionists who serve the EBEs.  However, not all the people in those groups are Freemasons and only Freemasons blindly serve their so-called ‘worshipful masters’.

Once a politician has thrown his lot in with the Freemasons his life is truly on the line; if he disobeys his ‘worshipful master’ he will most probably be killed.  A Freemason politician is a slave.  So the first torch to light your way out of the rabbit hole is the knowledge that Zionist control Freemason politicians.

I don’t want to lead you further down the rabbit hole, I want you to come out of the rabbit hole and emerge into the light.  To do that you must first get your head around the fact that the dark forces that have thrown our world into turmoil are not human.  You must also know that Zionist billionaires serve these dark forces.  Those same billionaires control mainstream media.  You know that most of what you read in mainstream media is propaganda.  There are three more things you need to know before all the pieces fall into place and the complete picture becomes clear.

  1. The United Nations and all its affiliates were established by Zionists and are secretly controlled by Zionists to this day.
  2. Freemasonry and all its affiliated secret organizations were established by Zionists and are secretly controlled by Zionists to this day.
  3. Most senior politicians are Freemasons.

I have said that all intelligence agencies, all spy agencies, all government agencies have been penetrated by Freemasons.  In the words of Klaus Schwab, “We penetrate the cabinets”.  Klaus Schwab is, of course, a ranking Freemason.

You may wonder, “If the enemy has penetrated all our organizations, how do we being to fight back?”

We begin by abolishing the United Nations and all its affiliates including, of course, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.  We dismantle their communications network: Freemasonry.  It’s been done in the past and it must be done now.  When Freemasonry ends the Zionist will lose their slaves in politics, media, and banking.  When the Zionists lose their Freemason Lodges they will fall into disarray and they will scramble.  Then the EBEs will clamber over one another to get off our planet.