The Keeper of Time

Space Travel


The Hidden Agenda

NASA portrays spacetravel as an exciting adventure, as Neil armstrong put it:

“One small step for man.  One giant leap for mankind.” 

However, NASA has always known ...

One small step on the Moon for man...
Could lead to one giant leap into extinction for mankind.
NASA Knows

NASA thinks you are too stupid to make the connection between the forked tongue on their logo and their deliberate LIES.  The word ‘NASA’ is only one letter short of being an anagram for SATAN (and if you did think it was a coincidence) NASA reasons that you won’t make the connection between the snake’s forked tongue and SATAN’S lies.

You can blame the Nephilim for the disinterest in our Solar System. You can blame them also for the curious longing to travel to other worlds.  They want you to leave the Earth!  For by leaving the Earth you would grant them their deepest longing: to have a planet of their own, our Earth.  It is precisely their former curiosity about space travel that made them what they are now: homeless, long-necked, deformed, nocturnal, fallen creatures.

Space Travel: The Hidden Agenda Will Lead To Your Doom Human Extinction

Degeneration begins immediately after a human leaves the Earth.

In a new study, a team of scientists found that upon returning to Earth, many astronauts’ brains had become repositioned inside their skulls, floating higher than before.  In addition, the space between certain brain regions appeared to have shrunk.  The changes were more common in astronauts who took longer trips into space.

(Effects of Spaceflight on Astronaut Brain Structure as Indicated on MRI: November 2017)

"When you're in microgravity, fluid such as your venous blood no longer pools toward your lower extremities, but redistributes headward." "That movement of fluid toward your head may be one of the mechanisms causing changes we are observing in the eye and intracranial compartment."

Larry A. Kramer, M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Extended periods in space have long been known to cause vision problems in astronauts.  Now a new study in the journal Radiology suggests that the impact of long-duration space travel is far-reaching, potentially causing brain volume changes and pituitary gland deformation.

More than half the crew members on the International Space Station (ISS) have reported changes to their vision following long-duration exposure to the microgravity of space.  Postflight evaluation has revealed swelling of the optic nerve, retinal hemorrhage and other ocular structural changes.

Scientists have hypothesized that chronic exposure to elevated intracranial pressure, or pressure inside the head, during spaceflight is a contributing factor to these changes.  On Earth, the gravitational field creates a hydrostatic gradient, a pressure of fluid that progressively increases from your head down to your feet while standing or sitting.  This pressure gradient is not present in space.

NASA has long known...

A major effect of long-term weightlessness involves the loss of bone and muscle mass. Astronauts in space lose muscle strength and bone density while on long-duration spaceflights because their bodies float in microgravity rather than work against the tug of Earth’s gravity each day.  Bone loss occurs in the weightless environment of space because bones no longer have to support the body against gravity. Without the effects of gravity, skeletal muscle is no longer required to maintain posture and the muscle groups used in moving around in a weightless environment differ from those required in terrestrial locomation.  In a weightless environment, astrounauts put almost no weight on the back muscles or leg muscles used for standing up.  Consequently, some muscles atrophy rapidly, and astronauts can lose up to 20% of their muscle mass in just 5 to 11 days.

The rapid change in bone density is dramatic, making bones frail and resulting in symptoms which resemble those of osteoporosis.  On Earth, gravity applies a constant mechanical load to the skeletal system that causes healthy bones to maintain a certain density so that they are able to support the body.  The hip and spine of long duration astronauts typically experience the greatest amount of bone loss.  After a 3 to 4 month trip into space, it takes about 2 to 3 years to regain loss bone loss density.  It is still unknown whether bone recovers completely.

NASA encourages humans to undertake space 'exploration' knowing it does permanent biological damage.

Spaceflight is not an indication of advanced biology. All it demonstrates is that a species is ancient.

No nocturnal species is biologically advanced.  All nocturnal alien species are primitive.  No advanced species will encourage you to leave the Earth because staying on Earth is the ONLY way you will be completed and perfected.  Take in your stride whatever comes with climate change and you will be rewarded with biological completion in Heaven on Earth.

Isaiah 14:13 Thou hast said in thine heart, ‘I will ascend to the skies! I will raise my throne above the stars of God! I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and be like the most High!’ (But look at thee now) thou hast been brought to hell, to the flanks of the pit. All who see thee stare and think, ‘Is this the man that disturbed the Earth, shook kingdoms, made the world a wilderness and destroyed cities?’


That This Is The Terrible Fate Of All Humans Who Leave Their Home Planet

The Nephilim rebelled against Nature and as a consequence Nature rejected them.

The Fallen, first rejected GOD, and then GOD disowned them. Having rejected GOD there is no planet willing to support them and they are squatting on Earth. No planet in the Universe wants a species that has rejected its own planet. No Solar System wants a species that has rejected Nature. The Solar System that formed them, thrust them out long ago. They have been biologically adapted to live in cold, dark space. They come to Earth to fight extinction, but when they come to Earth their bodies are assaulted by gravity.

Nephilim are not fallen angels as they like to portray themselves: they are outcasts. The Nephilim are a vile, deformed backwards species, with ancient technology. Your life can depend on knowing the difference between advanced technology and advanced biology. Scripture warns you against demons because demons do exist. They are here. They want our planet. They want you to leave the Earth. For by leaving the Earth you would grant them their deepest longing: to have a planet of their own, our Earth. It is precisely their former curiosity about space-travel that made them what they are now: homeless, long-necked, deformed, nocturnal, fallen creatures.